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25th May 2016

Voice Overs

As it was promised in our last Update, we present the voice over process in this week’s MDD!

Please also take note of three other very important announcements:
– Anthea figurine status
– Rewards shipping dates
– Last call: Survey is due on May 31
– MDD: Voice over session

Anthea figurine status

For those who wanted to see the figurine before our Survey closes, we apologize first that it will not be possible. The figurine design is still being worked on and the current estimate of the 3D model becoming available to see is this summer. We will update on the progress as any information becomes available. We apologize sincerely for the delay of the figurine production.

Rewards shipping dates

Due to the delay of the Anthea figurine production mentioned above, the rewards shipment will be affected. Basically, the shipment will be divided into two phases for OPERATIONS OFFICER ($500) tier and above.

If you are on SENIOR OPERATIVE tier ($60) or above:
All physical rewards including DVD/BD will be shipped by the end of October 2016 — However, this excludes Anthea figurine and foldable utility box.

If you are on OPERATIONS OFFICER ($500) tier or above:
Anthea figurine and foldable utility box will be shipped later, by spring of 2017

If you have ordered Anthea figurine and/or foldable utility box as add-ons or pre-orders:
Anthea figurine and foldable utility box will be shipped later, by spring of 2017

Last call: Survey is due on May 31

This is our last call to complete your Survey!

You can still change your choice(s) for Disc Media (DVD or Blu-ray), T-shirt size, Add-ons, etc. if it’s before the lockdown date (May 31). So make sure you got everything right.

To check your survey details, you can access your survey from here: https://under-the-dog.backerkit.com

To see your preferred name in the credits, click on “Edit Pledge Questions” on the confirmation page and it should take you to the page showing what you entered.

If you have problem accessing your survey, please contact BackerKit: https://www.backerkit.com/contact

Also, as a reminder, make sure your preferred name to go on the end credits is within 20 characters (including spaces)!

Q: So what happens after May 31?

A: Basically, two things:

1. Your backer information will be locked down, except for your shipping address. You should be able to change your shipping address if it’s before the shipment of physical rewards are made.

2. Your credit card will be charged for add-ons and pre-orders (or shipping fees) made on BackerKit.
Note: Kickstarter and PayPal charges were already made. So you will not be charged if you didn’t buy anything after Kickstarter/PayPal campaign ended.

On May 20, a Survey reminder was sent to:
– Backers who have not yet answered our Survey (as of May 18)
– Backers whose preferred name exceeded the 20-character limit.

– Please be informed that if you do not answer the Survey by the duedate, we will consider that you have forfeited your right to receive the physical rewards. (In other words, you will not be receiving any physical rewards.)
– Even if the reward you can claim is just the digital downloads, the preferred name you enter in the Survey will be listed on our website as well as in the end credits of the UTD episode. If you do not answer the Survey, however, we will consider you have also forfeited your right to be credited. (In other words, you will not see your name in the credits.)

We still have about a little under 1,000 backers who have not yet filled the Survey.

Again, this is our last call!


Editing and Voice Over Session

This is the last installment of Monthly Developer Diary.

We saved the best for the last. For this month’s developer video diary, as it was mentioned at the very top, we’ll explain about how the process of recording session goes.

To check out the monthly developer video diary, visit the Forum page from the link below:

Please note:
You must have a backer status of AGENT tier or above to access the Forum.

Many of you are probably familiar with voice over sessions, as no anime titles can be called complete without voice acting. (Well, unless you are from the silent films era or the anime only consists of music and sound effects…) Did you know, though, there is a vital process called “cutting” before a recording session can take place? Well, find out more about this film editing process in our last installment of MDD!

See you again on our next Update!

8 comments on Voice Overs

  • Romy (from the PR team)4th June 2016 on 18:31

    Kim Lambert-san,
    Don’t worry (?), the process will take place in due time. 😉
    Romy (PR Staff)

  • Kim Lambert4th June 2016 on 18:08

    My credit card have not been charged yet, is that normal?

  • Romy (from the PR team)1st June 2016 on 21:34

    Thank you everyone, for your understanding and patience.
    Yes, the figurine is made by Good Smile Company. If we have any update on its status, we’ll of course make an announcement about it in our Updates!
    Romy (PR Staff)

  • ronriii28th May 2016 on 19:16

    I find that the situation with the figure to be perfectly understandable since it’s not really something that could easily be rushed. Since the figure is being made by Good Smile Company, I have faith in the overall outcome and quality of the final product. I’m just happy to own another figure based on Kozaki Yusuke’s design because I’m a fan of his works.

  • Howard Wong27th May 2016 on 2:15

    Since the figure is designed and made by Good Smile Company, I have all faith to believe it will be top notch. My only question is will it be Wonderful Hobby Selection grade of beautiful.

  • Tayler Franklin26th May 2016 on 2:22

    Bummer, I’m going to have to drop my figure purchase I guess. I can’t justify $200 for a figure I haven’t seen. I’m sure she’ll be beautiful though. I look forward to seeing her eventual design when it happens. :)

  • Kim Lambert26th May 2016 on 0:18

    In a previous update, it was said we could chose to buy Anthea figure after seeing it. I took it as an Add-On, will it be charged this May 31?

  • Ryan Marek25th May 2016 on 23:08

    Bummed out about the wait for the figure. It’s the reward I’m looking forward to the most! Do you guys have any more info on it? You said it’s still in the 3D modeling phase. Can we see it? Maybe a CG render? Also, is the figure still being made by Good Smile Co? I don’t really mind but I would hate to wait this long for something of low quality. Sorry if that sounds rude.

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