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27th July 2016

Voice Cast Comments #4

Voice Cast Comments #4 (Last installment):
Ms. Haruka Takahashi (Sayuri) & Ms. Naomi Ohzora (Estella)

This is the last of the series of interviews with our voice actors who played the main characters of Under the Dog. We asked them a few questions at the voice recording session!

Last but not the least, we have the two voice actresses who were chosen by the votes from our backers: Ms. Haruka Takahashi (Sayuri) and Ms. Nozomi Ohzora (Estella):

Ms. Haruka Takahashi (Sayuri)

1. After the voice recording session, what is your impression of Under the Dog?

To put it simply: What comes after this?! I screamed out, “Eh-?!” when I finished checking the script along with the video at home. [laughs] The visuals and script are intricate loaded with nuances, so when the music is added on top, what becomes of it…? I couldn’t help but feel excited with anticipation. I did feel the pressure at the same time, but thanks to the people who helped me during the recording session, I think I was able to stay calm and focused.

2. What do you think of the character, Sayuri?

Sayuri has the character setting as someone who was born in Hokkaido (Northern island of Japan), and so was I. When I heard the news that I got to play Sayuri’s voice, it must be just me, but it seemed as if I was destined to play her role. [laughs] She is very calm and reserved [in this episode], but I’d like to see more of her emotions and various expressions! Also, while Estella is cheerful, Sayuri is quiet. They appear to be at the opposites — an odd duo on surface, but they actually get along really well. So I hope I’ve managed to show their close friendship to our viewers.

3. Which scene is your favorite or what do you recommend the fans to look out for?

Watch closely the way the girls, who are still in their teens, doing their utmost best they can. I cannot get into more details, as I’d give out spoilers for those who haven’t watch the episode yet…but for Hana with all her might – she is the heroine of this episode – everyone would fight with all they’ve got to support her. So I really would like you to burn into your mind the way and how the girls live out their lives.

4. Your message to the viewers of Under the Dog?

This OVA came to its existence not just with the efforts from the cast and production staff but with people all over the world coming together. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart that I was given a chance to participate in this wonderful anime with global appeal. To be worthy of the cast for Under the Dog, I, Haruka Takahashi, will keep on going. I’d appreciate your continued support!

Ms. Nozomi Ohzora (Estella)

1. After the voice recording session, what is your impression of Under the Dog?

I got the impression that this is Episode 0, an entry point to the world of Under the Dog. What are the backstories of these fighting teenage girls? And what is their hope? Being introduced to the initial chapter of this world, I’m very much eager to know what’s to come next!

2. What do you think of the character, Estella?

Being merry and carefree, I felt Estella strongly believes in herself. She looks quite mature, but when she’s eating a cake, she behaves exactly like a teenage girl… She acts cheerfully while carrying a weight of sadness with her. So I feel she is both kind-hearted and strong-willed.

3. Which scene is your favorite or what do you recommend the fans to look out for?

The scene where Hana and Shunichi talk to each other when it’s just two of them is what I recommend. A fighter girl Hana shows her soft side as a high school girl. Her expression made me think of all her feelings as she fires her gun and the reason behind why the girls are fighting. Who or what are they fighting against? Trying to solve those mysteries while watching this episode is one way to enjoy, I think.

4. Your message to the viewers of Under the Dog?

I’m grateful for everyone who supported Under the Dog. I’m truly glad that it can now be seen through out the world! Estella is a character that I was able to play, as a result of everyone casting votes. So I have a great deal of devotion for her… I cherished the time when I was voice acting as Estalla. Thank you very much! It would be my great pleasure if everyone could enjoy the world of Under the Dog. So please keep supporting UTD!

See you again on our next Update! (right after this)

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  • DangerMouse28th July 2016 on 5:10

    Looking forward to hearing them in the episode! And will take note of the stuff they mention to look out for.

    Good to see they want more too in the future, like many of us probably will after watching this when we can finally see it in a few days, LOL.

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