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6th July 2016

Voice Cast Comments #3

Voice Cast Comments #3: Ms. Asami Seto (Anthea)

We will continue with more comments from the voice actors who played the main characters of Under the Dog. We asked them a few questions at the voice recording session!

This week, we have Ms. Asami Seto, who played the role of Anthea Kallenberg.

1. After the voice recording session, what is your impression of Under the Dog?

I was very much intrigued by the backstory of Anthea as well as the Flowers organization where she belongs. Having heard that this is essentially Episode 0 of Under the Dog, I was taken by surprise with the unfolding of rapid gunfight sequences and stunning story development.

2. What do you think of the character, Anthea Kallenberg?

She always acts calmly, and speaks the very least. She seems to be carrying a huge weight of sadness with her with resignation. At the same time, though, she still seems to cling on to something and cannot give up entirely just yet…I thought her personality was hard to grasp.

3. Which scene is your favorite or what do you recommend the fans to look out for?

Everything! You’ll have to watch it entirely, from the beginning to the end, in order to grasp the world of Under the Dog. Even after you watch the whole thing, you’d probably want to see how the story continues or what had happened in the past in the universe’s chronology. So I’d like people to be attentive and keep watching.

4. Your message to the viewers of Under the Dog?

Thank you for your interest. My comments about the story and my character are above, but I hope you watch Under the Dog open-mindedly and from any perspective you prefer. And it would be my greatest pleasure if you will find something in Under the Dog – whatever it is – you’d feel it was meant for you.


See you again on our next Update!

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  • DangerMouse7th July 2016 on 5:25


    Can’t wait to see it and hear Anthea (and see her in action) and I hope it’s well received enough to get to continue.

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