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8th June 2016

Voice Cast Comments #1

Voice Cast Comments #1: Ms. Rumi Okubo (Hana)

Starting in this week’s Update, we will deliver comments from the voice actors who played the main characters of Under the Dog. We asked them a few questions at the voice recording session!

We start off with Ms. Rumi Okubo, who played the role of Hana Togetsu.

1. After the voice recording session, what is your impression of Under the Dog?

The premise of the story was just so well detailed, I got drawn into the world immediately. All the problems that occur in the UTD world, mysteries involving the Flowers and Pandora, the backgrounds of the characters…everything makes me want to know more.

I personally like the somewhat desolate ambiance it has, so I hope many people can immerse themselves in such mood or atmosphere.

2. What do you think of the character, Hana Togetsu?

Hana is really an ordinary girl. She’s cute, cheerful, and loves her family…Yet, what drives her to fight in battles? Why does she have to fight? My heart was aching all the while I was acting. I really liked her girl-like expressions she sometimes shows even on a battlefield.

3. Which scene is your favorite or what do you recommend the fans to look out for?

She gets sulky when Shunichi asks her about something. I found that scene to be charming! That’s the precious moment when you get to have a glimpse of Hana’s expression as a teenage girl! Also, I was really impressed by the intense battle sequences – they were just so cool. If you like gun actions, you won’t be disappointed!

4. Your message to the viewers of Under the Dog?

Hana fights alone in order to protect the ones she holds dear. I hope many people will be able to see her fight for her cause. Maybe our ordinary but peaceful everyday life is being sustained by someone’s sacrifice or tremendous efforts…That’s something to think about while I enjoy watching UTD together with everyone else.


See you again on our next Update!

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