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13th May 2015

UTD Panel Video

Another week of lots of announcements!

  • UTD Sakura-Con Panel Video
  • Forum Registration Update: ready for SENIOR OPERATIVE tier and up
  • Introduction of our new Community Manager

Under the Dog Panel Video


This is it! This is the video recording of the Under the Dog panel at Sakura-Con that took place on April 5. Here’s the panel description:

Under the Dog Update Q&A Panel

During Under the Dog panel at Sakura Con, Koji Morimoto (producer) and Jiro Ishii (original storywriter) will represent anime studio Kinema Citrus to introduce and provide the latest production updates, glimpses on the artwork in progress including newest concept visuals and designs (introduced to the public for the first time), as well as answer questions from the fans and backers. This is the UTD production team’s first con appearance since the launch of Under the Dog Kickstarter campaign at Otakon 2014.

There’s also a transcription of our panel on Anime News Network:

There was a joke question from one of the backers during the panel. You can read how we answered that question in the above transcription on ANN, but it’s hilarious to actually see it in the video! So check it out.

[For those interested in knowing the detail, Morimoto-san first answered: “You can go to the next world with it. Yes, have a nice trip to the next world!” but then, Ishii-san helped to elaborate more on it by saying…well, find it out in the video!]

It’s the full-length version of our panel. No cuts made. So it’s roughly one hour long. Due to the panel room environment, some of the lighting and sound turned out not so bright/clear. We apologize in advance. The-O Network Online did their best to enhance those parts in the video, and we’d like to thank Theo-san and his team for their effort.

Lastly, we have good news for those who couldn’t make it to Sakura-Con. T-ONO website has an on-going UTD poster giveaway, so don’t miss it! A couple of posters will be given out by lottery to two winners: each signed by either Director Mr. Ando or Original Storywriter Mr. Ishii. Those are the same posters donated to Sakura-Con charity auction. So if you want to win a poster, please visit their contest page:

Giveaway – Autographed Under the Dog Posters

We’d like to thank The-O Network Online once again for the collaboration. You guys are awesome!

Forum Registration Update

We would like to move on to welcome our backers who are on SENIOR OPERATIVE tier and above to register on our Forum.

So the eligible tiers will be:

With these tiers above combined, the number of eligible backers to register this week amounts to roughly 5000.

Here’s how you can access the Forum (if you are eligible):
When you go to our website, you will see “FORUM” is being added to the menu on the left at the bottom. Click on “FORUM” to go to the Log In page.
Or, you can go to the Forum page from the link below.


Important notes

  • The forum is for our backers only. (Essentially, you must have AGENT tier or above to access the Forum. All backers with AGENT tier and above will be able to access the Forum eventually.)
  • There won’t be a Forum in Japanese but you can use Japanese fonts. However, we ask our backers to communicate primarily in English for everyone’s sake.

Introduction of our new Community Manager

Our last announcement for this week is that we have a new Community Manager, Mr. Marcin Sobczak! Marcin-san has been moderating the Forum since it’s launch, so some of you may be already familiar with his name. He will be communicating with you fellow 12,000+ backers out there! You will see him as the contact person at official UTD information outlets such as Kickstarter, Forum, Twitter, and Facebook. He’s very much dedicated to help run smoothly the communication between the backers and production team. His support is essential to all of us. So please befriend and be nice to him!

Here’s Marcin-san’s brief introduction of himself and greeting to everyone:

Dear Backers,

I feel honored to be part of such wonderful project as “Under the Dog” certainly is. I can’t wait to meet you all and our upcoming short and long conversations. I hope I can be a help to all of you to better connect with our Production Team, so you can better understand the project and find yourself as a part of UTD Community.

Some of you could have met me before, as I was managing Kickstarter campaigns for different projects, like Urbance or Loving Vincent. I believe some of you are familiar with them.

I will do my best to meet all your expectations and answer questions.
I am looking forward to your messages!

Kind Regards,
Marcin J. Sobczak

[Note: -san is an honorific in Japanese, meaning Mr./Ms. – it’s actually quite useful if you don’t know the other person’s gender! It’s not quite so formal as calling someone with –sama, so it’s used everyday, everywhere in Japan.]

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