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14th December 2016

UNDER THE DOG, the new project has kicked off!

As the last update we said, we are pleased to share with you that a whole new project of 「UNDER THE DOG Episode 0」, it is now ongoing.

「UNDER THE DOG」, The official guidebook will be released soon!
The official guidebook covers the world of UNDER THE DOG in details, which includes the dramatic and enormous story, as well as the powerful battle scenes. The release of this book has been confirmed!

(1) 「UNDER THE DOG Episode 0」The characters introductions, and the model sheet.
(2) The relationship between each side (US Force, Flowers and the others), and the analyzing of combat information.
(3) The key frame and draft of the impressive scenes.
(4) The staff interviews, like Director Masahiro Ando, the original author Jiro Ishii, the music composer Kevin Penkin and the voice actress Rumi Okubo.

The book covers lots of subjects, and it would be released in February 2017.

Please check the reservation page here.
To bring you more updates, we’re also preparing the other projects now, and it will be announced soon.
Please keep following and supporting「UNDER THE DOG」!

from PR TEAM「Flowers Backer」

5 comments on UNDER THE DOG, the new project has kicked off!

  • Arin Sparrow19th January 2017 on 14:11

    WIll there ever be a sequel? If not announced, I’ll be lookingforward to the series as a whole.

  • MichaelAfton28th December 2016 on 21:07

    I am not a backer, nor do I frequently look on infos of Under the Dog, so… can anyone, hopefully any backer, tell me what’s going on about this new ‘episode 0′ project? Personally I am excited about the anime too, but I can’t help getting confused about this new project, since there’s already an ‘episode 0′ ova released on August 2016.

  • AnotherGuy23rd December 2016 on 10:43

    I recently see the ova and y only want to say where is the full anime PLS that was fucken awesome pls dudes do something

  • marty17th December 2016 on 12:44

    Kickstarter backer here, just want to say I am super excited that Kanema Citrus is releasing this guide book!

    Love the OVA and I would love to see UTD turn into a full anime!

  • cortez16th December 2016 on 0:14

    damn that’s cool.

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