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25th April 2017

UNDER THE DOG The digital illustration book Part.5

「The digital illustration book of UTD」
Now you can download the part 5’s key frame, which included 「A Part (3/5)」!!

Check the site below, and type in the PIN code you have:

YURI from PR TEAM「Flowers Backer」

5 comments on UNDER THE DOG The digital illustration book Part.5

  • Kim Lambert4th May 2017 on 0:36

    @Brenda Weston Vinet

    Who do you think you are?
    Your comment is so childish, it’s on the same level as ”My dad is stronger then yours!” Seriously….

    You clearly didn’t understand the story at all.
    It may not fit your taste but it definitely fits mine and almost everyone here. Constructives comments are always welcome, but rude and childish comments are not.

  • Brenda Weston Vinet3rd May 2017 on 10:24

    ALSO, WHAT IM GONNA TELL YOU IS THAT IM A BEST FRIEND OF ONE OF THE GENERALS AROUND EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE. And I can surely make them to force you all to make another episode in a year! And it better be a DAMN good episode…

  • Brenda Weston Vinet3rd May 2017 on 10:19

    I’mm ASTONISHED. The japanese episode is not good. It’s disappointing to see some young girls shooting the US forces down. Now I would like to address this to the key creators of UTD. Not only that, but there weren’t enough teachers in this “film”, or whatever, because I’m gonna be sure that they’re more important to the plot than I am! So you better make a better anime episode, or whatever it is, or else….

  • 劉敏浩26th April 2017 on 13:04

    I’m not an employee or representative for Mentat Studios, but I can hazard a guess:

    I’m pretty sure this is available at the $250 Case Officer tier, Digital Copies of the Original Storyboard. If this was part of the artbook, which we already received download links to/physical copies of, then we all would’ve received an email about this particular notice. Do note that #105 was the “pre-final update”, which means that there will be no new updates until they are finished with refunding everyone their figurine monies, as well as shipping out key-frames, etc. #106 was just a warning about illegal uploading of digital content, and this is also just a notification for the higher tiered backers.

  • Floflo25th April 2017 on 19:25

    Thanks, but where are we supposed to get the PIN code? Is that a code that was sent in a previous e-mail?
    Also, is this digital art book for all backers or only the highest tiers? I can’t find that info…

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