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20th October 2017

“UNDER THE DOG”, starts second round of crowdfunding with new film project!

UNDER THE DOG the MOVIE: Live-Action Short and Music Video


■UNDER THE DOG’s next step: UNDER THE DOG the MOVIE, a theatrical release supported by the addition of 2 new features!

The new campaign aims for the production of “OVERTURE to UNDER THE DOG”, a live action piece set to further enrich the world of UNDER THE DOG beyond the scope of the original 30 minute “Episode 0” achieved in the previous campaign. A monologue by protagonist Anthea Kallenberg, voiced by voice actress Asami Seto is set to further enhance this work.

The production of a new ending theme for the theatrical version sung by Asami Seto, voice of protagonist Anthea is also anticipated.

Combining these 2 new features with “Episode 0” to create a 50 minute film for theatrical release is the focus of this second crowdfunding project.

The super tag team of Atsushi Isoyama and Shoko Omori will be lending their talents for this project. Isoyama, creator of the music and music videos of hit animations such as “K-On!” and “Shin Sekai Yori (From the New World)” is set to work on the live action piece and theme song. Omori, who wrote the lyrics for the “K-On!” super hits will be writing the lyrics.

■With a theatrical release as its goal, the campaign’s funding goal is set at $50,000.
 A variety of rewards for project backers, including rare UNDER THE DOG merchandise is also set for release!

 The campaign’s funding goal of “$50,000” will go towards production costs for the live action piece, theme song, and rewards for backers.

Rewards, based on pledge levels include viewing rights to the finished work and a digital animation keyframe collection, as well as rare goods such as T-shirts and canvas prints autographed by Atsushi Isoyama and Asami Seto.

Special rewards including invitations to the premiere showing and celebration party with the production staff, held in Japan are also planned for interested backers from overseas.

■Young girls, their battles, and the burden of their violent fate.
 Looking toward the development of an anime series

 UNDER THE DOG was developed through a combination of brilliant action with a thrilling story. There is so much more that could be expressed beyond those first 30 minutes, providing great potential for a future TV animation series. With that in mind, this campaign was created.

The campaign is set to last from October 20th to November 17th, 2017. Your support is greatly appreciated!

YURI from PR TEAM「Flowers Backer」

5 comments on “UNDER THE DOG”, starts second round of crowdfunding with new film project!

  • Josh18th February 2018 on 14:48

    The trailer isn’t watchable in the US. Please inform the xenophobic idiots at EXIT TUNES to make their dumb music available to everyone in the world? How the hell can we be expected to get excited about a new project if those idiots block the trailer?

    Just to spite them, here’s a link to the video that can be watched in any region : http://tubeunblock.me/watch?v=VIxtromOth4

  • Rose22nd January 2018 on 10:19

    I saw the poilet episode I was blown away by its fantastic animation the trailers only added to my excitement I fell in love with the animation, the dialog, and everthing. It was and still is the best animation on my list.

  • AeroSplinter15th November 2017 on 8:50

    Also, what will Exit Tunes do with Under The Dog after the deadline?

  • AeroSplinter15th November 2017 on 8:48

    I would love to see this project come to life, but I’m skeptical about the funds raised in this Kickstarter project. One of my friends showed me the pilot episode and I thought it was amazing, though flawed. Then there QUIETLY comes this special version, which is barely reaching half of its goals as of 11/14/17! I really hope this goes well, or maybe somebody can actually back this project drastically, much like Hideo Kojima supported the previous project, or else it may not even go to theaters, or even have a television series… :(

  • Kim Lambert20th October 2017 on 23:14

    I hope this will be successful. I saw some negative comments, but those people are missing the point. The live action and music video are not that important, the goal is to make UTD successful in theater, that should help us to get the future it deserve.

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