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6th May 2015

T-ONO Interview Video

We have a lot to cover this week!

  • The-O Network Online Interview Video
  • Forum Registration Update: ready for SPECIAL AGENT status and up
  • Kickstarter Creator Name Change to Mentat Studios LLC

Thank you for the wait!

We here now present a video interview of Mr. Jiro Ishii and Mr. Koji Morimoto in collaboration with The-O Network Online, from our attendance at Sakura-Con last month.

The-O Network Online Interview

In the ANN interview introduced last week (http://4NN.cx/.87323), Morimoto-san and Ishii-san spoke in detail about some questions regarding production committees and funding. With The-O Network Online interview, you will actually see them both talk about various things including the anime production and rewards status. They sometimes laughed out loud on light-hearted questions such as whether we will be seeing a cameo appearance of Under the Prairie Dog.

Theo-san and his crew setting up for the interview.


Sorry for the wait!
We would like to move on to welcome our backers who are on SPECIAL AGENT tier and above to register on our Forum.

So the eligible tiers will be:

With these tiers above combined, the number of eligible backers to register this week is roughly 2000.

Here’s how you can access the Forum (if you are eligible):
When you go to our website, you will see “FORUM” is being added to the menu on the left at the bottom. Click on “FORUM” to go to the Log In page.
Or, you can go to the Forum page from the link below.


Important notes

  • The forum is for our backers only. (Essentially, you must have AGENT tier or above to access the Forum. All backers with AGENT tier and above will be able to access the Forum eventually.)
  • There won’t be a Forum in Japanese but you can use Japanese fonts. However, we ask our backers to communicate primarily in English for everyone’s sake.

Kickstarter Creator Name Change

Lastly, we would like to mention that on the Kickstarter page, Under the Dog project now has a new Creator name: Mentat Studios LLC

This change took place to resolve the confusion of similar names of the project management bodies, CIA LLC and CIA, Inc.

There are a couple of things to note:

  • The project itself is unaffected; Kinema Citrus is making the animation work of Under the Dog, and Mr. Koji Morimoto is the producer of Under the Dog.
  • There is no change on our Kickstarter page other than the Creator name.

We would like to give our special thanks to Shayne who really aided us from the Kickstarter side.

We also very much appreciate your continued support. Thank you, everyone!

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