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16th December 2015

Survey Update

‘Tis the season to be jolly!

In this Update, you will find the following items:
– The Survey sent out to PayPal backers
– Big Holiday presents coming on Dec. 25
– Today is the last day for Voice Cast Voting on Forum
– Rewards update
– Apologies


On December 15, the BackerKit survey was sent out to about 515 PayPal backers.

For both Kickstarter and PayPal backers, the survey due date is February 29.

We now have all the PayPal backer data imported to BackerKit, merged with Kickstarter backers.

We thank those of you who already answered the survey. We still have about 4,000 backers (that’s about 1/3 of 12,000 backers) who have not yet replied. A reminder will be sent out every week, if you still haven’t completed your survey. So we ask everyone’s cooperation in answering the survey promptly.


To those who purchased Add-ons via PayPal,

For some technical reasons, we were unable to map the items you purchased on our online Add-on store. So we’ve added extra credits to your account. The amount of the credits is exactly the same as you paid for the Add-ons.

Please choose the Add-on items again on this survey. Feel free to change your mind and select some other items if you want! We apologize for the inconveniences and thank you for your cooperation.


We do celebrate X-mas in Japan, but it’s more as gifts-giving and party occasions. So we are now preparing something nice and big as a holiday present for our backers!

Find out what the present is on December 25!

As you can see on the top page of our website, Anthea-chan is waiting eagerly for Cyber Santa to arrive.


The last day for voting is Today (Dec. 16)!

If you are eligible and not yet voted, today is your last chance!

Note: You must be on SENIOR OPERATIVE tier or above to participate in the voting.


The anime production is slated to be all complete in May 2016. Backers with RECRUIT tier or above will receive a digital download of the Under the Dog episode by the end of May as a promised reward.

The rewards progress chart is updated to reflect the current status, including the OVA episode. You can check and see by visiting the REWARDS page on the UTD website.

Note: The progress chart reflects our current schedule. The due dates for physical rewards indicate the slated shipping date. We will bundle all the physical rewards and make one shipment.


– Survey sent to PayPal backers prematurely

We suffered a technical glitch before we sent out the survey officially, where BackerKit by mistake sent out a survey invite prematurely to PayPal backers. We received many inquiries saying that their pledge levels were not properly shown. The problem should have been fixed already, but if you still see discrepancies, please let us know through CONTACT page or by emailing info@under-the-dog.com

– Implosion_Zero Day as UTD KS Updates

On Under the Dog Kickstarter Updates, two announcements regarding Implosion: Zero_Day were posted. We would like to clarify the reasoning behind those posts. Ed Courtroul (Owner of Mentat Studios LLC) explained as follows:

“We posted these two announcements as UTD updates because the KS system is a bit buggy and would not allow us to PM all UTD backers with much consistency, many backers were being dropped off communications.”

We apologize for the inappropriate communication that has happened.

As it is stated in Q&A in Update #69 please note:

What is the relationship between UTD and the Implosion: ZERO_DAY project?

UTD and Implosion: ZERO_DAY are entirely separate projects regarding the companies, producers, creative teams, and finances involved – the only connection between the two is Mentat Studios LLC.


Till the next Update then!
[Our next Update will be Dec. 25]

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