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2nd October 2016

STORE Closing Soon!

Our online STORE is closing down on October 3 (Mon.)!

This STORE closure is in order to lock down the production amount for the rewards, etc., since we will have to know exactly how many of each item needs to be manufactured. So we thank you for your understanding and cooperation in advance.

Note: Our online STORE is accommodated on BackerKit, linked and accessible from our website: http://under-the-dog.com

Rewards production is already in progress, and we plan to ship them between the end of October and December. We should be able to announce the shipping date soon.

When the actual delivery of shipping/downloads begins, we will duly make announcements in our Updates and SNS such as Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you for your patience and please look forward to receiving our Updates!

Under the Dog Rewards Production Team


4 comments on STORE Closing Soon!

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  • David Boone2nd October 2016 on 6:48

    Definitely looking forward to this! And proud to have been part of it–thank you. (Btw, never was able to get the download to work properly, so I’m very eager to get the dvd!)

    –David Boone

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