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24th February 2016


In this Update, you’ll find that Under the Dog soundtrack is being featured!

Before that, we have an announcement and reminder:

  • IMPORTANT: Survey duedate change
  • Anthea-chan T-shirt sale ends on Feb. 29!
  • MDD: Soundtrack
  • Interview with Mr. Kevin Penkin


Survey duedate is now the END OF MAY!

We have decided to postpone the survey deadline for the following two reasons:

1. The current survey response rate is at 88%, with about 1,500 backers who have not yet answered their surveys. (Of these 1,500, about 400 backers with physical rewards have not yet responded.)

2. We have not yet shown Anthea figurine’s 3D model. We felt it necessary to show it before we close the survey, since many of you would like to see it before making the decision to buy it as an add-on or pre-order. Currently, our plan is to show the 3D model by early May, so that you will have about one month to decide.

So, for those of you who are interested in Anthea figurine, what can be done?

If you already have Anthea figurine as an add-on or pre-order…
→ You can cancel your add-on or pre-order Anthea figurine while the survey is still open. You now basically have until the end of May to decide.

If you want to see the figurine image before deciding…
→ You can wait until the figurine 3D model becomes available for viewing in May.

If you pledged $500 or more (OPERATIONS OFFICER tier and above)…
→ You don’t need to do anything. Anthea figurine is already included as a reward. Just look forward to seeing the 3D model!


Thank you, our avid Anthea-chan fans! We have received dozens of orders so far, but the number has not reached 100 yet. The sale will go on until the end of this month. 5 days to go!

For more details about the T-shirt, please refer to our Update/News on Feb. 10:

Once again, Anthea-chan T-shirts ship out in May, before the physical rewards, add-ons and pre-orders.



For this month’s developer video diary, we show you the behind the scenes of the soundtrack recording session!

To check out the monthly developer video diary, visit the Forum page from the link below:

Please note:
You must have a backer status of AGENT tier or above to access the Forum.

Can you guess where the recording session takes place? Take a guess! (Without reading Mr. Kevin Penkin’s comments)


Whether you do or don’t have access to the Forum to see MDD, we hope you enjoy reading the following interview with our music composer Mr. Kevin Penkin. He talks about himself and above all, the music he composed for Under the Dog:

[This interview was conducted in Nov. 2015]

  • Why are you in London?

Kevin: I was actually born in England. But I moved to Australia when I was very young. So I consider myself Australian. I moved back to London to do a Master’s degree in film music at Royal College of Music, which is just opposite of the Royal Albert Hall. That was the two-year degree I just finished. I now want to spend a little bit of time in London, outside of being a student. Just to experience it as an adult. So I’ll be here for a little while before I decide to move somewhere else.

UTD: Maybe to Japan?

Kevin: Maybe to Japan. Japan is definitely on my bucket list. I think I’ll definitely move there in the future.

UTD: We’ll be waiting for you.

Kevin: I can’t wait! It’s gonna happen. I just don’t know when just yet.

  • What made you decide to work on UTD?

Kevin: I came on to the project very early. I was originally writing image music. One of the image musics actually became the main theme. Actually, two of them were combined to become the main theme. In addition to that I was also asked to do the trailer music. With the combination of those two, I was asked to continue working on it when I was approached by Kinema Citrus, which was a really nice offer by them. I’m really glad to be working with them. So I was involved with Under the Dog through that capacity.

Since starting to work with Kinema Citrus, I worked on refining a couple of elements for the music of Under the Dog. Large portions of the main themes have already been written. A lot of the soundscapes that we’re going to use are already quite integrated into my mindset for this project. Now it’s just a case of taking what we’ve already done and moulding it around the picture.

  • What’s your approach in composing music for UTD?

Kevin: Under the Dog has a very interesting storyline, with a very interesting dilemma. In the story you’re basically forced to do things that you don’t agree with, but you’re doing it for a “good reason”. You trying to save the people you care about. I find that very interesting because if done correctly it can be emotionally exploited through music. So my approach is to try and create a sense of pressure, loss, suffering while also at times maybe trying to put in a certain element of hope. Hopefully, if it works in the picture, it could be quite effective.

UTD: Sounds very challenging.

Kevin: It is a challenge. It was a challenge to write the material that has been created so far. It’s going to be a challenge to make sure it adapts correctly to the picture. Because a lot of people have invested money and time and patience into this project, and as it is really important to me, as it is to everyone else involved with the project, to make sure that I’m doing it right. I think Under the Dog has the opportunity to really make some waves. I definitely believe in this project. So I’m glad to be part of it in the first place.

UTD: Thank you so much. Your work is making it something very special.

Kevin: Well, I’m working with great material. So I’ll have to thank Ishii-san, Ogasawara-san, Ando-san, and everyone involved for that.

  • What was your first impression of UTD as it was put on Kickstarter?

As a kid, I’ve always wanted to do anime. I remember watching Studio Ghibli, I remember watching Ghost in the Shell, and I remember being astounded by the quality and the emotional impact that anime as an art form can achieve. I decided early on that I really wanted to do this. I really liked it. I liked the style, I liked the respect that it has to certain ideologies, I loved the use of space and how the scenes are paced.

Everything about anime I found incredibly appealing as an artist. To work on anime and to see Under the Dog come into its own as a Kickstarter project was incredibly gratifying. And to see it work was just such a great feeling. I don’t remember exactly where I was, but I remember when a post by Hideo Kojima went up, with his public support for this project. That was incredibly cool. Of course, I am a fan of Kojima-san as well. And to see everyone in that community, a community that I still at the time, really didn’t feel I had earned my spot in, was humbling. So thumbs up all around!

  • Will you ever come to US or Japan?

Kevin: Absolutely. Hopefully many, many times in the future. I have strong intent to go to both countries. I’d love to work in both countries; I’d love to work for both countries. I guess in a way I already am working for at least one of those countries. I mean, to live there, I think it would be an incredible experience. I definitely think I’m at a stage in my life where I’m not going to stay in one place forever. I’m definitely looking to look outward whether I’d be going to America or whether I’d be going to Tokyo. It’s going to happen. It’s not a question of if, but it’s going to be a question of when.

So this week, we hope we’ve brought some insight to our backers about the music for Under the Dog.

See you again on our next Update!

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  • Tayler Franklin25th February 2016 on 4:41

    A little bummed about the delay, but it’s also understandable. I am one of the people who has the figure ordered, but I also really wanted to see what she was going to look like, so this is a good thing for me, in a way. Hopefully you get the rest of those backers to finish their survey as soon as possible though. Not much can be done about that though, I guess.

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