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24th June 2015

Siliconera Interview

We’ll start off our weekly Update with a question submitted to our UTD poster giveaway contest:

“Dear Mr. Morimoto-San, What was your first thought, when you heard of Under the Dog?” – from Germany

UTD Producer Mr. Koji Morimoto answered:

My first impression for the animation work was, ‘Under the Dog is the action flick version of Dancer in the Dark’ – though I hope the backers won’t expect us to be making a musical.

As for my first impression of the project itself was, ‘There are too many rewards. Seriously, what am I gonna do?’

Morimoto-san also has the following message for all backers of UTD:

The animation production for Under the Dog is ongoing right now by the team of highly talented staff. The new trailer due out this summer is also in progress, with the first key frames of the episode and music in development. So please look forward to its completion. As for the rewards…I’m sure many of you are very eager to know their status. We finally see the estimated dates of production completion for the rewards that were promised to you all. Along with the new trailer, we are working to bring updates on them soon. So please also look forward to the coming up progress report.

Siliconera Interview


We had an interview with Siliconera, a website featuring articles about video games and Japanese anime. The interview is pretty extensive. Some of the questions were rather tough to answer, but Mr. Muneki Ogasawara (Kinema Citrus CEO) and Mr. Koji Morimoto (UTD Producer) answered all of them!

Here’s the link to the interview on Siliconera:

Till the next Update then!

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