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8th April 2015


Veni, vidi, bibi Sakura-ccino!
[I went, saw, and drank Sakura-ccino!]

Over the last weekend, the UTD team was in Seattle to attend Sakura-Con (April 3-5 in Seattle, Washington). Yes, the birthplace of Starbucks. We even visited their first coffee shop by Pike Place Market. It was so crowded that we couldn’t go inside. What’s more is, it seemed like you can find a Starbucks in every single block within the downtown area. They are ubiquitous.

There was only one shop that really stood out to us. The nearest Starbucks shop from the Washington Convention Center welcomed Sakura-Con and its attendees by offering a special menu available only during the con weekend: SAKURA-CCINO!

The Starbucks staff wore cherry blossom laurels.

Just like the weekend special menu Sakura-ccino, the UTD team also had tremendously memorable and wonderful experiences during the con:

1. Interviews
We had interviews with the following press:

Anime News Network
The-O Network Online
We Rise Magazine

The specifics of the above interviews will be announced later. (Perhaps in a next couple of Updates.)

2. UTD Panel
Thank you so much those of you who made it to our panel on Sunday! As we mentioned previously, The-O Network Online will have the video coverage of our panel on their website. The details will be announced soon.

We will, of course, provide all the information and materials shown during our panel to our backers. So please look forward to the next few Updates along with the press coverage.

3. Charity Auction
The donated items from Under the Dog reached an amazing total of $4,700! We would like to thank everyone who helped to make this happen. All proceeds from the auction go to the Make-A-Wish® Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to fulfilling the fondest wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses. So we are very honored to have been able to take a part in this goodwill initiative. (In the past, a dream of a child wishing to visit a Japanese anime studio had been fulfilled by the donations made at charity auctions through anime conventions.)

Lastly, we have messages from Mr. Koji Morimoto and Mr. Jiro Ishii regarding their Sakura-Con experiences:

Mr. Koji Morimoto
“We had just attended Sakura-Con. I never expected to receive such warm welcome. So I was much relieved. I heard people say, ‘I’m no longer worried.’ or ‘I’m very much convinced that the anime will be made.’ I’m grateful to those words of encouragement, so I’m more determined than ever to do my best! That’s how I feel right now, after attending Sakura-Con. Thank you very much, everyone.”

Mr. Jiro Ishii
“I’m truly glad that I came to Sakura-Con this year. The backers gave us warm welcome and I could sense they have great expectations for Under the Dog. When I heard a lot of people say, ‘Thank you so much for coming over to the US and explaining [your status] to us,’ I really felt the importance of this visit to the US: to meet everyone in person and to communicate [directly]. Now that we’ve announced our latest release schedule for Under the Dog, our mission is to create a good piece of work that will not let you down. Please look forward to the new promotion video in the making as well.”

Thank you Sakura-Con for having us!
The UTD team really appreciated all the time and interest that people showed.
We would love to come back to see you again at Sakura-Con next year!

So that’s it for now. For those interested in knowing more about what we did in Seattle…
We’ve tweeted our Sakura-Con activities on the UTD official twitter account
So check it out!

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