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22nd January 2017

Ready to Ship

Dear Backers,

We apologize for the long wait.
This week’s Update is on the rewards shipping progress!

– The production of physical rewards is complete!
– Shipping begins next week
– Rewards for high-tier backers were sent out from Japan
– Figurine refund is scheduled between end-January to March
– Shipping of key frame and in-between is scheduled in March

– The production of physical rewards is complete &
– Shipping begins next week

Thanks again for the wait! All of the physical rewards got made and stocked in the inventory of Right Stuf (fulfillment company), after the US production for some of the rewards was delayed. So the rewards are now ready to be packed. Starting next week, the physical rewards will be shipped to eligible backers.

– Rewards for high-tier backers were sent out from Japan

Parts of the rewards for high-tier backers ($950 or more: NOC / STATIOIN CHIEF / DEPUTY DIRECTOR / DIRECTOR) were sent out from Japan.

The shipped rewards include the following personally signed items by the production staff:

Storyboards [Signed by Masahiro Ando]
Script [Signed by Jiro Ishii]
Music Score [Signed by Kevin Penkin]
A2 Print [Signed by Masahiro Ando]
A2 Print Custom [Signed by Masahiro Ando]
Shikishi [Signed by Masahiro Ando]

– Other unsigned physical rewards will be shipped from the United States.
– Inquiries for the rewards shipped from Japan: use CONTACT form on our official website or email us at support@under-the-dog.com

– Figurine refund is scheduled between end-January to March

We hope to start the refunding process for the canceled figurine production from the end of January. Due to various factors such as filing taxes and managerial adjustments, we had to push back the starting date. We apologize for the delay.

For backers with no PayPal account, we will contact you individually, so please give us a bit of time.

– Shipping of key frame and in-between is scheduled in March

Shipping of key frames and in-betweens as replacements for the canceled figurine production is currently scheduled to start in March.

We apologize for the delay and ask for your understanding and patience in this matter.

We will update again once the physical rewards are shipped!
So please stay tuned and see you again on our next Update very soon!

7 comments on Ready to Ship

  • Scott D. Holland23rd February 2017 on 9:31

    I forgot to fill out the form that asked me if I wanted a refund or a replacement for the Athena Figurine.
    Can I still get the refund?
    I could honestly really do with the money right now.
    Hoping because backer support doesn’t end until the 31st of March I still have a chance!

  • Romy (from the PR team)24th January 2017 on 11:11

    Thank you all for your comments!
    It’s been a very busy few weeks to say the least. Finally, we are getting so close to having the rewards being shipped!

    jacob v-san & Kim Lambert-san,
    Thank you so much for your kind support. As usual, we will make any announcements on any new projects here on under-the-dog.com, so please stay tuned!!

    Glen Proko-san,
    Thanks always for leaving your comments. :)

    BDs will be shipped at the same time as other physical rewards. So, it will be this week.

    We have sent you an email about your inquiry. So please check your inbox.

    Thanks again everyone!

    Romy (PR staff)

  • Rephira24th January 2017 on 9:02

    I need to update my shipping address, as I have moved since the survey, and I am no longer at the same address. Would you be able to support this?

  • Waltikon24th January 2017 on 6:48

    when will the BDs be shipped?

  • Glen Proko23rd January 2017 on 23:21

    Thank you for the update.

  • Kim Lambert23rd January 2017 on 3:43

    I agree with jacob,
    My wallet is ready anytime for more UTD animation, manga or cool products. I’d like an artbook with lot of pretty artworks of Anthea, since what we got was more like concepts and screenshots. Also if we could have a really high resolution picture of Anthea I could make life-size standee, that would be really could to replace the cancelled figure.

  • jacob v23rd January 2017 on 0:57

    thanks for the update :)
    when we get new episodes though :(
    also is there ANYWAY I can further suppport you guys, since the first episode was fantastic…assuming we get more :p

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