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2nd March 2015


We know you have questions – a lot of them.

While we will try to answer as many questions as possible, we appreciate your patience and understanding that we have a limited amount of resources (aka manpower). To start with, we would like to answer some, if not all, questions that were posted as comments for our last week’s KS Update #36 (Reboot Comments).


Answering questions from #36 KS Update comments:


Jarbas Lima Alves da Silva asked (originally by FlamingWire)

(1) What’s the story behind the departure of CIA? Was this due to creative differences, conflict of interest, or something less serious?

A: As it is mentioned in Update #35 (Forging Forward), it was due to our creative differences.


(2) Regardless of the reason for not mentioning it previously, it is essential that there be some word on why this happened and what difference this makes for the overall project and (most importantly) what impact this will have on the final animation.

A: Our creative team wanted to make the animation work that gives our audience the same feel as the promotion video did. So the project itself is unchanged and still heading in the same direction as it was originally planned. In that sense, the overall project is not impacted at all by what has happened. That is also the reason why we referred to our refreshed start as “reboot”, since many months have passed much to our anguish, too.


(3) How exactly will the rewards be handled?

A: There are some difficulties we must overcome to make and deliver all the rewards, but we are working hard and making every effort to do so.


(4) Will the promise that “all future installments” in the franchise will be digitally distributed to backers who backed above/at the $20 be upheld even though the producers have changed?

A: As we did not reach the stretch goal (2nd goal at $1.16 million) after reaching our initial goal of $580k (thanks to all the backers!), there is no plan currently to produce future installments. However, we do realize that it is important to make it clear where the extra funds are going to be spent on. Please give us some time before we can make any announcement on this.


(5) Where does the money stand for this project? Is there still enough to complete this project and deliver all tier rewards?

A: Although we have succeeded in accumulating substantial funds, we have to admit our budget situation is very tight. This came to light from reviewing the production aspect of all the backer rewards. The production costs turned out to be simply quite high. Despite this fact, we are working on finding ways to make everything happen. As for the animation production itself, please rest assured it will be made!


(6) What will be the schedule for giving updates? Do you have a planned monthly/weekly/daily schedule, or do you have something else in mind?

A: Our plan is to send out weekly updates from now on.


(7) Please give us updates with some footage of what’s being worked on or even sketches of story boards as we go along!

A: That’s our plan!


(8) Will you be setting out a production timeline to follow and tell us so that we know when to expect information/the final rewards and animation on a consistent basis?

A: We have been mapping out a production timeline for the animation part and we hope to make official announcement of it very soon. As for the rewards, like we mentioned earlier, we are reviewing all the info (such as production/delivery costs and schedule) and investigating different possibilities to make everything happen. As soon as the timeline is ready (though it may not be all but partial) we will announce it in one of our Updates.


(9) Could we see a sample of the script for the opening scene of the production? (not essential, but would be nice to see so that we can see how the writing is for this animation)

A: We are exploring such possibility in one of our Updates. So stay tuned!


(10) Can we please know what kind of creative input that Yura had in the project? Just a simple credit of whether it was something like music, script, or story-boarding would be appreciated by all backers if you can’t give specifics.

A: As he is credited on our Kickstarter website, Mr. Hiroaki Yura was the producer of Under the Dog project.


Dan Gaudet asked

Q: Also, will the tiered rewards be changed at all?

A: No. Currently, we don’t have any plan to change the tiered rewards.


Zachary Reese asked
Q: So, by reboot, is anything changing in regards to story and characters?

A: Not at all! By “reboot”, we meant we are starting afresh again after a long period of silence. So there are no changes in these aspects.


Roger Hylton asked

Q: Any word on possible refunds or lowering of tiers? Or that survey?

A: At this point, no announcement on refunds/tiers nor survey is being planned. However, as it was mentioned earlier, one thing we would like to make clear is where the extra funds accumulated are going to be spent on. Again, we ask for your patience to give us some time before we can make any announcement on this.


Megan Eaton asked

Q: Will you add more stuff to the store or bring back items that sold out? I’d like to get the figure but it’s not available.

A: Are you referring to our online “STORE” on the Under the Dog website?
If that’s the case, no, we are not planning to add more stuff to the store at this point.

3 comments on Q&A

  • Preethi ve3rd March 2015 on 22:32

    Any ideas on what the opening song would be, like the artist?
    And the ending song?

  • Samir3rd March 2015 on 10:37

    If you have the budget would you make a side-story called Under The Doge. It would be an opportunity to explore the city and the themes of the main story through the eyes of an appropriate canine – a bit like the Tachikoma episodes from GITS:Stand Alone Complex

  • Tam Nguyen3rd March 2015 on 2:39

    I’m curious on when the final product comes out?

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