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31st March 2017

Pre-Final Update

Dear UTD Backers,

Again and again, we apologize for all the delays.

Some of you may have concerns that our support will end today. However, we will not end our support until all the shipments including keys & in-betweens and refunds are completed.

Don’t worry! We are making our best effort in completing the final stage of our Kickstarter endeavor.

We still stagger from PayPal’s ID issues and delay in the key art production, but we are making progress step-by-step. So we ask for your patience just a bit longer, and we hope to get everything done in the next few weeks (probably a couple).

So, this week’s Update covers a follow-up on the rewards shipping and refund status:

– Shipping: all completed
– Refund / keys & in-betweens
– T-shirt size Q&A
– Next: Final Update

Shipping: all completed

All US domestic shipments have been completed.

Please note the following:

– We (UTD team) do not have all the details about the actual shipment. All the inquiries regarding the shipment should be made to Right Stuf, our fulfillment company. (To reduce shipping costs, we do not use the tracking number.)

– Please note all undelivered packages will be sent back to Right Stuf, then eventually to Japan. The package can be resent to you ONLY if you cover the shipping and handling cost of $15 and it can take several months.

Refund / keys & in-betweens

We still have about 100 cases of refunds to make at this point. However, PayPal is very strict with its security checks (which is a good thing, of course), and they have stopped our money transfer once again. We are contacting them now but it might take a while again for us to resume the process. We apologize for the wait.

Also, due to some production reasons, the arrival of the reproduced key frames is being delayed. The key frames will be shipped from the factory to Kinema Citrus early next week. As soon as they arrive, Jiro Ishii (UTD author) and Director Ando will sign them so that we can start shipping immediately. Other preparations are complete (such as shipping address labels and in-betweens), so we are literally on a countdown to start shipping.

T-shirt size Q&A

We have previously mentioned in our Update regarding the T-shirt sizes:

However, as we have received a number of inquiries, we will post a Q&A here:

Q: Why is the reward T-shirt I received is one size smaller than what I answered on my Survey?

A: Our original plan was to produce and ship the UTD reward T-shirt in/from Japan. However, due to the production logistics of the other physical rewards, the reward T-shirts were produced in the United States. For that reason, the T-shirt sizes that our eligible backers answered in Japanese size on the survey were converted to the US size labels as shown below.

Thank you for your understanding.


→ US size S


→ US size S

→ US size M


→ US size L

→ US size XL


→ US size XXL


Japanese size chart

(A)着丈 (B)身巾 (C)肩巾 (D)袖丈


66 49 44



70 52 47 20


74 55 50 22
XL 78 58 53


XXL 82 61 56


XXXL 84 64 59


T-shirt-size comparison

US size chart

(A)着丈 (B)身巾 (C)肩巾 (D)袖丈


70 51 46 21


75 54 50 22


79 57 54


XL 83 60 58


XXL 85 ?
XXXL 86 ?


The above Q&A is also in the FAQ section of our official UTD website: http://under-the-dog.com/en/faq/

Next: Final Update

As it was mentioned at the top, our next Update marks the final notification from the Under the Dog as a Kickstarter project!


6 comments on Pre-Final Update

  • Ferious13th April 2017 on 15:15

    I really do want to be proud to back such a great project but after multiple emails and told refund end of this month… no next month… no next month for sure… no PayPal locked account so we don’t know… I’m getting worried they don’t even have our $200 we paid for the figure anymore. This was supposed to be a project to pave the way for much more if producers see fit. and after dealing with this I’m not sure any will want to fund a project again. if I could just get my money back on the figure I could look past a wrong t-shirt size

  • IMTIAZ AHMED7th April 2017 on 13:36

    I’m an old kick starter and have been busy with life and are lost in the emails, can some on tell me how I can get access to the first episode. Thank you.

  • ronriii2nd April 2017 on 12:48

    Glad to hear from you guys again and this update is truly appreciated. I hope everything goes smoothly for everyone. ^_^

  • Hamazura Shiage1st April 2017 on 2:27

    For the most part this Kickstarter has been an interesting case study. In all honesty it was partly might fault for choosing JP medium, since the Kickstarter ended 2.5 years ago I learned the difference in clothing sizes between the two countries. The only reward that I’m a little disappointed in is that the Physical soundtrack is just a cardstock slipcover. Thank you for moving forward UTD team, I’m looking foward to my Key and In-between frames, as well any future projects involving UTD. Congrats.

  • Glen Proko1st April 2017 on 1:36

    Quite alright. I have received my main backer reward and look forward to the final update.

  • Gabriel Scocozza31st March 2017 on 23:44

    I understand the issue with the T-shirts, but even so, I think that we would have to have asked if we wanted to change the size chosen or something so knowing that the measures are different, I hardly enter mine.

    I feel a little disappointed

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