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14th September 2014

PayPal is live!

Hey everyone, our PayPal option for pledges is now enabled on our site. Head on over to www.under-the-dog.com/en/store and check it out. All of the reward tiers are the same as our Kickstarter counterpart. From here, backers will be able to pledge or purchase add-ons if they missed out on the KS campaign.

Once again, thank you so much to all of the backers that have helped us to reach this point. You are truly amazing!

11 comments on PayPal is live!

  • Eric Tuck14th March 2015 on 22:04

    Is the Paypal funding over? I never got a chance to back this project with Kickstarter and wanted to see if it was still possible to donate and receive the reward for donating. I was interested in ANALYST package. I hope I can or if the store will have the items to purchase once everything is done and released.

  • Nobluesky10th November 2014 on 0:13

    Greetings to all the staff, and many thanks for this awesome idea of an independant anime!
    I have high expectations for this show’s future.

    You know, some of us are a little anxious so it would be cool if you showed us paypal donations so far, and please let us know the work on this first episode is going well!!

    I think it is fairly important as communication is the best way to keep people hooked; like that we would sleep in peace, knowing your workplace is buzzing like a hive, in process of a rare jewel.

    May the gods of anime accompany you in your creation!

  • Cody Harrell19th October 2014 on 21:05

    Now that the Paypal option is available, will there be a function in the future to allow Kickstarter backers to upgrade their pledges?

  • Shadow Heartbreaker9th October 2014 on 15:55

    Whew, I missed the Kickstater backing, but thanks to paypal now I can back UTD! Good luck for the project, I’m really looking forward to see the result, it already looks awesome from the trailer!

  • Kuuhaku7th October 2014 on 17:12

    Hi ! Are French substitles planned ?

    Thanks !

  • satoshi (from the PR team)3rd October 2014 on 11:08

    Sorry and thank you for reporting. There was a little error but fixed now.

  • MeE2nd October 2014 on 10:27

    Why can’t I access your PPL account? I am being redirected to the site’s main page…

  • stuart16th September 2014 on 21:47

    @Brad Frankel
    Double post! Don’t worry, I wont hold it against you. Anyway, we hope to have this feature enabled soon. Work in progress!

  • Irving16th September 2014 on 0:10

    Dear creators of underthedog! Would like to just ask if you could post a page that shows the current paypal pledges that have been made so far?? it would perhaps encourage individuals to pledge if they see a goal is within reach!

  • Irving15th September 2014 on 23:43

    Dear creators of underthedog! I wanted to ask if you guys could kindly leave some type of page that tell visitors of the site how far or well the paypal streach goals are going?? This would perhaps make more people want to pledge if they saw some goals are almost reached!

  • Brad Frankel15th September 2014 on 7:14

    Woo Hoo!!!!, can finally donate, not old enough for amazon and live in australia so i cant even use the banks, but now that this is open i can finally donate, Cheers guys! 😀

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