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7th December 2016


It’s our 100th Update! It is an honor to commemorate this milestone, with an introduction to our new partner – EXIT TUNES!

About a month ago in Oct. 29 Update, we have mentioned that Under the Dog project is welcoming a new partnership. It is our pleasure to announce officially today that Exit Tunes and Under the Dog team will be collaborating to go further beyond Kickstarter with Episode 0.

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30th November 2016

Digital Rewards Downloading (Part 2)

After Thanksgiving comes the Winter Holiday Season.

The production of the physical rewards is in progress, almost ready to be shipped to our backers! When the rewards are ready to be shipped, we will make a big announcement of it, of course. (Scheduled around December 26–New Year)

This week’s Update is focusing on the rewards:
– Part 2 of Digital Downloads available now!
– PV Sound Effects fixed!
– T-shirt sizes
– Figurine canceled

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31st October 2016

Digital Rewards Downloading (Part 1)

Thanks for the long wait! So here it is:
Starting October 31, the Under the Dog digital rewards (Part 1) are available for downloading!

Digital rewards (as of Oct. 31):
Main Movie Commentary
Sound Track

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