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6th May 2015

T-ONO Interview Video

We have a lot to cover this week!

  • The-O Network Online Interview Video
  • Forum Registration Update: ready for SPECIAL AGENT status and up
  • Kickstarter Creator Name Change to Mentat Studios LLC

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29th April 2015

ANN Interview

Anime News Network has posted a very extensive interview with our production team during our attendance at Sakura-Con.

Some of you may have already read the article, but here is the link on the ANN website

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22nd April 2015


As we have announced during our panel and interviews at Sakura-Con,
Under the Dog official forum is now ready!

We’d like to start account registrations with the people who have OPERATIONS OFFICER tier and above. That’s why we’re calling it at this time, “soft launch” or “pre-opening”. As we have more than 12,000 backers in total, our website may crash if too many people try to access the server all at once. With OPERATIONS OFFICER and above, we still have over 300 individuals registering online simultaneously to access the Forum.

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