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17th June 2015

It’s All About You

Did you find your name on the wall?
Since our last Update, we have received numerous requests and questions regarding the backer name inscriptions on the Special Thanks wall (http://under-the-dog.com/en/thanks/).
So our first half of this week’s Update will consist of FAQs.

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10th June 2015

Special Thanks

Have you said “Thank you” on Mother’s Day?
Are you going to say “Thank you” on Father’s Day?
We’re saying “Thank you” to UTD backers today!

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3rd June 2015

Forum Exclusive! Storyboards

Woo-hoo! We’re flying into Area 51!

Brace yourself for Close Encounters of the Third Kind!

Following last week’s Forum Exclusive interview with Director Ando, this week we present our 2nd Forum Exclusive, which is…(drum roll please)

Storyboards preview!

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