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8th August 2015

Extra: Kick-off Anniversary

Happy Anniversary!

It was exactly one year ago at Otakon on August 8, the launch of Under the Dog Kickstater campaign was announced. So to celebrate together with our 12,000+ backers who supported us, we have a little surprise for you. We hope you like it!

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29th July 2015

Survey Setback

Survey is coming up!…soon.

The survey will be sent out, but not at the end of this month as we had hoped. This is due to some unexpected delays in the set-up with BackerKit. We apologize for the delay. Once the set-up situation is cleared, we will then send out a survey asking you to fill out all the details. We will of course inform our backers in advance when it is ready.

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15th July 2015


Survey is coming up!

Thank you for the long wait. We know you’ve been waiting (im)patiently to hear the word: survey.

The reason why survey is coming very soon is because we have recently signed up on BackerKit, a company who provides services to help manage backer list and rewards to make sure all the promised rewards are delivered to our backers. BackerKit was introduced to us by our Associate Producer Mr. Justin Leach. (Some of you may know him from one of the pioneering anime project on Kickstarter called “Kick-heart” by Production IG and Director Masaaki Yuasa. We very much appreciate Mr. Leach’s cooperation with Under the Dog!)

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