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31st March 2016

Anthea-chan T-shirt shipment update

We have an announcement for the people who ordered Anthea-chan T-shirt.

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23rd March 2016


UTD trivia:
March marks the end of school year in Japan. Many students are already on spring break or soon will be by this weekend. In April, they will start a new school year. However, for Anthea and other Flowers, it just means they would be on a recess between school terms, as they attend an international school in Tokyo. For them, September is the beginning of a new school year.

This week’s Update is pretty straightforward:
– FAQ: Deadlines
– MDD: Backgrounds

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9th March 2016

More the Merrier

So the Anthea-chan T-shirt sales ended on Feb. 29.

If you ordered the T-shirt, please look forward to the shipment of the package in May!

This week’s Update is about:
– Reward T-shirt sizes
– Column by Mr. Jiro Ishii

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