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11th August 2016


It’s been 10 days since Under the Dog Episode 0 was released. We hope you enjoyed it.

In this week’s Update, we talk about nothing but Otakon!

As we have announced in our previous Update “Final Countdown” on July 28, we are bringing UTD to Otakon:

– Watch Episode 0 and meet the team

Under the Dog production team will be attending Otakon 2016, held in Baltimore, USA. However, as you may have already read on the Otakon website, Mr. Jiro Ishii (Author of Under the Dog) will not be able to attend the event. As it is mentioned on their guest page, Mr. Ishii was hospitalized last week due to sudden sickness. He is already out of hospital now.

Mr. Koji Morimoto (Producer) and Mr. Muneki Ogasawara (Producer, Kinema Citrus CEO) will attend Otakon and meet the fans during the following events:

Under the Dog screening and Q&A with production staff
Date and time: August 12 (Fri.) 2 PM – 3:30 PM
Room: Panel 2 (BCC Ballroom II)
Come see a special screening of Under the Dog and hear some of the staff from the project discuss it and answer some of your questions.

Autograph session #1
Date and time: August 12 (Fri.) 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Room: Autograph 3 (BCC 348)

Autograph session #2
Date and time: August 13 (Sat.) 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Room: Autograph 2 (BCC 349)

Note: These events are subject to sudden changes for various reasons. So please check Otakon’s official schedule to confirm the details of these events.

Note2: Yes, we know that the first autograph session takes place before the screening! However, please take this opportunity to drop by and say hello to Morimoto-san and Ogasawara-san. Depending on how long the cue is, we might be able to chat a little. If you’ve already seen UTD, we’d LOVE to hear your comments!

Note 3: We will be bringing special UTD postcards specifically made for Otakon! The postcard image is what you see for this week’s Update top image.

– Charity Auction items

Mr. Ogasawara will be bringing a few production materials for the charity auction. If you are interested in some rare UTD materials and donating money for a good cause, participate in the bidding!

Note: Please check with Otakon about when and where the charity auction will be held.

Well, for some of you, we will see you soon.
If not, we will see you again on our next Update!


5 comments on OTAKON

  • Yun Wong19th August 2016 on 1:11

    I am seriously impress with you guys, I hope there’s gonna be more Under the Dog. And OVA is AMAZING and AWESOME!

  • KeAndre Bates12th August 2016 on 16:49

    I was suppose to be sleep when I watched this but I’m happy stayed up to actually take a gander. This project was amazing, as soon as I was done I told all my friends to go watch it. I’ve been waiting for this to come since last year, and I was so surprised to see what an amazing thing you guys created. I never get deep into anime but I do want to back this one, and will be considering buying kickstarter items and such once I look for them. Keep this up, I will most definitely keep this on my anime list for a series to watch and advertise to all I know who watch anime.

  • Sean Bryant11th August 2016 on 9:41

    i just wanted to say after just watching the first episode i have decided to purchase the t-shirt and art book on your Backer site asap and i also wanted to say that i knew this was going to be a hit i’ve followed this production since late 2014 and i will continue to do so, keep up the fantastic work.

  • Dylan Fields11th August 2016 on 5:54

    Here’s to hoping a TV anime gets greenlit!

  • Tayler Franklin11th August 2016 on 2:53

    It’d be super awesome if you guys confirmed a follow up series, movie, OVA, etc. At your Otakon panel! 😉

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