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18th November 2015

No More Tiers

Hello, dear backers!
We have a number of big and important announcements this week.
Are you ready?


By November 30, we plan to send out the survey. We will notify and follow-up on the survey’s status in our biweekly Update on December 2.

The survey will be sent out to the backers who supported us on Kickstarter first. So for those who supported us via PayPal, please wait until we finish merging all the backer data into one. (We will import all PayPal backer data to BackerKit.)

So PayPal backers will receive the survey at a later date.


So on November 30, our online store ends the sales of backer tiers.

The above out-going survey process requires us to end receiving support through backer tiers on our online store (http://under-the-dog.com/en/store/). Many of you already have tiers since when you supported us, so the removal of tiers from the shop probably would not concern you at all.

Meanwhile, for those who have been interested in UTD but not yet supported the project, this will be the last chance to be on tiers to receive the backer exclusive rewards (e.g., wallpapers, name credits, voice cast voting rights, signed physical rewards, etc.)

Note: If you already have a tier, you should be able to upgrade your tier via BackerKit (survey).


Don’t worry! This is not the end of the world.
Even after the removal of tiers, you can still support us by buying individual UTD products online.

Starting December 1, you can buy various Under the Dog products like the episode on Blu-ray or DVD, soundtrack, T-shirt, poster, etc., etc.

The product line-up will include:

– Anthea-chan T-shirt

Since some of you asked for the Anthea-chan T-shirt that our staff were wearing. More details to come later.

– Anthea figurine
Yes, she’ll be back! We will show the 3D model by Good Smile Company when it becomes available. So those of you who wanted to see the model first to decide whether you want to buy it or not can wait. There’s no need to hurry.

Note: However, due to the production schedule of the figurine, we would have to end accepting pre-orders at some point. We will make an announcement about the pre-order deadline when the model is ready.

So in our Q&A, we can finally answer those long outstanding questions:

Q: Will upgrading be available?
A: Yes, you will be able to upgrade through BackerKit.

Q: Will Anthea figurine be back on the online store?
A: Yes! Anthea figurine will be back! It will take a form of pre-orders.

Note: These Q&A will be later added to our website’s FAQ section.


By December 2, we plan to send out the voting instructions to those who are eligible. The voting will take place in our Forum to select the voice actresses for Estella and Sayuri.

The voting period will be 2 weeks (last day for voting will be Dec. 16). So if you are eligible to vote but not yet registered to our Forum, you should register now. We may or may not be able to comply with your requests in time due to our limited resources (=manpower), in case you cannot register properly.

Note: You must be on SENIOR OPERATIVE tier or above to participate in the voting.

Confused with all these different dates?
No worries. The overall timeline looks like this:

November 30
Survey sent out to Kickstarter backers, last day of purchasing tiers

December 1
Tiers removed from online store, UTD products become available including Anthea-chan T-shirt and Anthea figurine

December 2
Voting begins, Update on survey status

December 16
Last day for cast voting

Lastly, for this month’s developer video diary, we will introduce the background art of UTD!

To check out the monthly developer video diary, visit the Forum page from the link below:

Please note:
You must have a backer status of AGENT tier or above to access the Forum.

See how the background art can establish the atmospheric tone for Under the Dog. Enjoy!

Anthea-chan's Autumn

Phew, did you make it through OK?
Well, we certainly hope so!

Remember, we said in our (No) Update that we are “prepping for various things”? Now we hope you see we really meant that! 😉

Till the next Update then!


5 comments on No More Tiers

  • Kevmolio25th November 2015 on 15:18

    I think the title is a Ozzy Osbourne reference to his album “No More Tears”

  • Vince19th November 2015 on 8:08

    God I love these little comics. Also, I really feel like having Sweet Potato now – gotta also make a mental note to hit up a local Asian Market and get some of those pears :)

  • Spencer Freeman19th November 2015 on 2:11

    Will the Anthea figurine also be available through backerkit?

  • kittymck18th November 2015 on 22:36

    Are the items that will be available on the online store, such as the t-shirt, be the same as the one that comes with the backers rewards?

  • Kirill Potazhevich18th November 2015 on 21:31

    I have a question Upgrades are just addons or I’ll be able to change my tier to more expensive one?

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