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29th October 2016

New Partnership

Trick or treat!
It’s almost All Hallow’s Eve, aka Halloween.
And that means, yes, the UTD treats aka rewards will be ready for delivery!

This week’s Update has many important announcements.
If you backed us, please read the following carefully:

– New partnership
– Rewards delivery
– Timeline

– New partnership

We are excited to announce that a new partnership for Under the Dog is established! We should be able to officially announce more details soon, but for now, we just would like to let our backers know that Under the Dog, which started out on Kickstarter, will now expand beyond crowdfunding!

This is all due to your support. We thank you again and again, and please look forward to seeing what comes out of our new partnership!

Q: What does this new partnership signify?
A: It means that Under the Dog project will enter into a new stage. The original Kickstarter project will also come to its completion with the delivery of rewards. (Support will continue until the spring of 2017.)

– Rewards delivery

Physical rewards

We are coming very close to finishing the production of the rewards. However, due to the printing schedule of the printed items such as artbook, the shipping date must be now pushed back to late December after X-mas. For the physical rewards, all items must be procured before parcel packing can begin. With the rate we are progressing, the timing for shipping will overlap with the holiday season. As you know, December is the busiest month for postal services around the world. Due to the sheer volume of parcels being handled, unforeseen delivery accidents can occur in high frequencies (damaged or lost, delays, shipped back to sender due to no pickup, etc.) In order to make sure that the rewards are delivered to our backers, we have decided to postpone the shipment to late December. We sincerely apologize for the delay.

Digital rewards

As for digital rewards, we plan to make the staff commentary, soundtrack and Kickstarter PV downloadable on October 31. These will be the first half. We will send out a notification once they are ready, via Update, email, Kickstarter, and SNS. The remaining digital rewards (the second half) will become available for downloading on November 30.

– Timeline

So to sum up everything mentioned above, the remaining timeline for Under the Dog Kickstarter project looks like this:

October 31 – Part 1 of digital rewards downloading becomes available (until end of year)
November 30 – Part 2 of digital rewards downloading becomes available
After December 26 – Physical rewards shipping begins
March 31, 2017 – Rewards support ends = end of the Kickstarter project

See you again on our next Update!

13 comments on New Partnership

  • Glen Proko31st October 2016 on 18:53

    Excellent news. I look forward to future developments of this project and to the possible conclusion of the story started by Episode 0 of Under The Dog.

    Like blankslatenator I too am curious about the future digital access. Did this get in the way of the deal with the new partner? If so, I understand.

    And to echo Tayler Franklin as well, I do hope that English Subtitles continue for all future work releases of Under The Dog. Many of the people I have shown my download of Episode 0 to so far have been very impressed, but I am from an native English country and without the subtitles they would have been lost.

    Nevertheless I have bright hopes for the future of Under The Dog. 😀

  • blankslatenator30th October 2016 on 10:02

    I think I asked this somewhere before but, since this has gone through another awesome change, is there any news on “Backers who pledge at the $20 reward tier and higher will also have digital access to any future Under the Dog animations that we produce. That means if we fund here and only create the 24 min. OVA, if we go on (as we plan to) to make a film or trilogy of films, then the backers who pledged here for $20 or more will also be able to download those films!”

    I seem to remember Ando saying it would depend on whether it would get in the way of the deal with the publisher, which makes PERFECT sense, I wouldn’t want a little thing like this getting in the way of future installments, just a nice perk if it goes through.

  • Nihagi30th October 2016 on 3:49

    Holding all my hype genes back till further notice!
    Really hope UTD will see more screen-time in the future.

  • Tayler Franklin30th October 2016 on 2:41

    If there are any future releases and expansions for this project, I seriously hope you will consider putting English Subtitles on the Japanese release so that fans, like myself, can support the series as much as possible. Thanks!

  • Tayler Franklin30th October 2016 on 2:37

    Congratulations! This is very encouraging. This was a great project to be a part of, and seeing a continuation would be absolutely wonderful! It would literally make my year! Here’s to the best, and thanks again for everything you’ve given us throughout this project. Can hardly wait to get my hands on a physical copy of this. 😀

  • Bigbenr30th October 2016 on 1:54

    Yay!! Congrats for the partnership, I hope it will lead to something great! I really hope that the quality of episode 0 helped the UTD team to keep all the creative freedom you need for such a project!
    Also happy to see that the other rewards are coming together, thanks for the good work!

  • David Boone30th October 2016 on 1:26

    I was never able to successfully download the digital copy I was sent. So I’m really looking forward to receiving my physical copy!

  • Kim Lambert30th October 2016 on 0:16


    I love everything about the episode 0, I was dying to see more of the UTD universe, I’m really looking forward to what this new partnership may bring us. I’m proud to be a backer, and kinda sad this will be over, I feel like giving money again in exchange for exclusive content.

  • Rein30th October 2016 on 0:08

    Also want to ask about the figure. I don’t see any word of it in this update, and it looks like you’re cutting off support in March. Will the figure be ready by then? Are you guys going to be able to deliver the figure?

  • Don McNicholas29th October 2016 on 23:40

    keep up the good work and let your passions fly.
    Animes roots are in raw violent passionate shows with gutsy humor

  • Jay Higgs29th October 2016 on 23:13

    Just wanted say congratulations. It sound like Under the dog my get a series. If so that would be nice. There are so many unanswered questions from the pilot, its a shame series don’t have 26 episodes anymore. About the physical rewards I don’t mind the wait. I do have a question, the figure, when do we get to see a mock up? Thank you for the update and the dedication to the project. Jay Higgs

  • Blankslatenator29th October 2016 on 23:12

    I hope Kevin Pending sticks on for the next stages. 24 minutes didn’t seem justified, but it really seemed that way for the whole thing. I mean I looked at the kick starter page and noticed there were going to be two PREQUEL episodes which would have helped put a little context on the main one. Just makes me glad more is to come.

  • Stefano Orso29th October 2016 on 23:07

    Yeeeey!!! Still, there is hope!!

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