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1st July 2015

Music by Kevin Penkin

Just like last week, we’ll start off our weekly Update with a question submitted to our UTD poster giveaway contest:

How great of a quality would you say about Under the Dog’s music?
– from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“How great” you ask? Well, you can find out for yourself!

Music composer Mr. Kevin Penkin has actually provided us with a demo for Under the Dog. When we first heard the demo we said to ourselves, “We simply have to share this with our backers!” So as the 3rd Forum Exclusive content, UTD backers can go to our Forum and listen to his demo.

You can go to the Forum page from the link below:

Please note:
You must have a backer status of AGENT tier or above to access the Forum.

We have messages from Mr. Kevin Penkin and also from Mr. Hiromitsu Iijima, our Music Director from IRMA LA DOUCE.

From Mr. Kevin Penkin (Music Composer):


“The score to Under the Dog embodies the underlying themes of loneliness, pressure, isolation, and fate. I’m trying to reflect on how the emotional states of the protagonists are, as they are forced to kill in order to save those they love. I realized that this sense of duty drives the characters throughout, and so the score needed to reflect this motivation as we witness the consequences of their actions.”

From Mr. Hiromitsu Iijima (Music Director):


“When I listened to Kevin’s music for the first time, I felt young energy and professionalism. He comprehends the story well and also knows what kind of music goes well with this film. He expressed the image that everyone on the production side shares for Under the Dog, which surprisingly synchronizes well with how the world is set up in this animation – and he did it without hearing many words from us. I hope you can feel the motifs from different aspects of Under the Dog in this piece.”

Biweekly Update

Starting this month, our weekly Update becomes biweekly. So our next Update will come out on July 15. No, we are not taking time off or slacking. We’ll actually be busier than ever this summer, as we are getting ready for the new trailer of UTD to come out! The contents of our Updates will be more and better, we promise!!

Till the next Update then!

2 comments on Music by Kevin Penkin

  • alex31st December 2015 on 21:54

    hi there, wish i would have been able to help from the very begining but you can be sure i will purchase this master piece as soon as it comes out!=)

  • Nakatoshi11th July 2015 on 3:51

    Can’t wait for the next trailer then.

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