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9th March 2016

More the Merrier

So the Anthea-chan T-shirt sales ended on Feb. 29.

If you ordered the T-shirt, please look forward to the shipment of the package in May!

This week’s Update is about:
– Reward T-shirt sizes
– Column by Mr. Jiro Ishii


Good news to our backers who inquired about our T-shirt sizes!

With the sales of the Anthea-chan T-shirt, we were able to gauge the need for additional size options in regards our reward T-shirt. Thus, please be informed that we have decided to add larger T-shirt sizes – namely, XXL and XXXL (4L) for the UTD reward T-shirts!

Q: How can I change my T-shirt size on BackerKit?

A: Just access your survey and select your preferred T-shirt size in the QUESTIONS section. Please refer to the sizing chart below.

Sizing chart (cm = centimeters):


Access your survey from here:

Q: By when?

A: You can change your T-shirt size as many times as you like, as long as the survey is open. Currently, the new survey deadline is May 31, 2016.

– This applies only to backers with COVERT OPERATIVE ($200) tier and above, or customers who placed UTD T-shirt as pre-orders on our online STORE.
– This Q&A will be added to our website’s FAQ section.
– The design for the UTD reward T-shirt is not yet determined, but will become available later.


We have a third installment of Mr. Jiro Ishii’s column.

To read Mr. Ishii’s column, visit the Forum page from the link below:

Note: You must have a backer status of AGENT tier or above to access the Forum.

Have you ever wondered about the origin of our title “Under the Dog”? Well, he talks about where it came from and what significance it bears. Find out its “origin” story!

See you again on our next Update!

3 comments on More the Merrier

  • Franggio C. Hogland11th March 2016 on 12:53

    heyas, thanks for the swift action :)
    Have updated and it worked swell.

    Best Regards Franggio

  • Romy (from the PR team)10th March 2016 on 10:34


    Thanks for letting us know of the problem!
    We’ve already fixed the survey so you should be able to choose a size up to XXXL (4L) now.

    Romy (PR Staff)

  • Franggio C. Hogland9th March 2016 on 22:09

    Great to see you are updating the sizes. I needed that. Actually everyone needed that but I reckon people would look at me weirdly if I walked around in a tight crop top ^^

    Anyway, to bad it doesn’t work yet. Tried to update but it’s still the same Japanese sizes and they only go to XL :(

    Best Regards Franggio

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