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7th September 2014

Kickstarter Succeeded!

Thank you everyone. All of our backers, the media outlets that covered us, the folks over at Reddit, our friends and family. We could not have done this without you and we look forward to doing much more with your continued trust in our vision.

We finally reached our KS goal and we have launched full web site too. PayPal is up and running. We appreciate your continued support as we move to make history in the anime (and Kickstarter!) world. Stay classy.

11 comments on Kickstarter Succeeded!

  • bsl23rd September 2014 on 16:59

    A super team should be rewarded!

  • stuart16th September 2014 on 21:44

    This is the case. People pledging via PayPal have the same rewards available to them as the KS backers had.
    @Tim Q
    Hi! The PayPal option can be accessed via www.http://under-the-dog.com/en/shop/
    Yay! Us too!
    @A Will
    Yes! We hope the whole world can take part and be represented in this project!
    Thanks! Can’t wait to get this thing off the ground. =)
    We draw a lot of our inspiration from Akira and Ghost in the Shell but lets not set expectations too high lest we have no way to achieve them. We hope to make a rocking anime nonetheless but not sure we will surpass the greats. At least not yet…
    Hi! Check it here www.http://under-the-dog.com/en/shop/
    Awesome! Thank you!

  • Muthei13th September 2014 on 20:34

    I just paid via paypal , i cant wait to see the ep
    keep it up guys ^_^

  • Steve10th September 2014 on 14:42

    I’m very excited about what you’re doing. But I totally missed the kickstarter! Looking for more information about how to participate via PayPal.

  • Camous9th September 2014 on 16:22

    Looking forward to seeing how high an anime free of the shackles of moe can soar. Hopefully your hard work can capture the energy, pomp and bravado of the great works from the decadent bubble economy era 80-90’s Japan.

  • RusherJe9th September 2014 on 5:17

    Congratuations to you guys, can’t wait to see ur job :)

  • A Will8th September 2014 on 19:21

    Break out the champagne!

    I look forward to seeing UTD and wish everyone involved lots of luck and happiness during the making process. There is something to be said about having people from all over the world, through kickstarter and beyond, support a project like UTD.

    Warmest regards,
    A Will

  • SUPA FRANKY8th September 2014 on 16:35

    Hey, you say that PAYPAL is up and running… where? I dont see a link anywhere? Thanks.

  • Chris8th September 2014 on 7:45

    Congratulations!! I can’t wait to see a break from the norm for this animation! I’m in full support of a direct creator-to-viewer communication setup, getting rid of all that middle-man static is a great thing. Follow your heart!

  • Tim Q7th September 2014 on 20:58

    Hello Under The Dog production team! I was going to back you on Kickstarter, but missed the deadline unfortunately, Please tell me the Paypal address so I can still support you?

  • OtakuStyle7th September 2014 on 17:52

    I would like to say congratulation for the success. Furthermore I want to wish you good luck a lot of fun by making UTD. I’m looking forward to it :)

    Additionally I would like to say that you guys should let those people who will donate through PayPal also get the backer rewards since not everyone has a credit card. To be honest Kickstarter should support that methode too for those who don’t own credit cards but want to support “Ideas”, “Dreams” and “Projects” of People.

    Anyway it’s nice to see that so much people are supporting UTD and much more after PayPal is available. We are all standing behind you guys 😉
    Keep up the good work ^^

    Best wishes, Chris K.

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