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17th June 2015

It’s All About You

Did you find your name on the wall?
Since our last Update, we have received numerous requests and questions regarding the backer name inscriptions on the Special Thanks wall (http://under-the-dog.com/en/thanks/).
So the first half of this week’s Update will consist of FAQs.


Q: Where is my name? I can’t find my name on the Special Thanks wall.
A: First of all, you must have a backer status of WALK-IN tier or above for your name to be listed on the wall. Second, the names listed are not in alphabetical order but starting from the top tier. Third, what’s listed is the name you have registered with Kickstarter. So if you registered with a pseudonym, that’s what you’ll see. If you cannot find your name, try searching with “Find” function (Ctrl + F or Command ⌘ + F).

Q: Can I change my name on the Special Thanks wall?
A: Yes. We are currently looking into a systematic way of facilitating name changes on the wall, since it’s not realistically feasible for us to change names one by one. Once we figure it out, we will make an announcement. So please be patient with us while we work on this matter. There’s no need for you to send us any more emails or make comments on Kickstarter and UTD website requesting name changes. Your voice is heard.

Q: I just recently backed UTD through PayPal. Will my name be on the wall?
A: Yes, your name will appear on the wall in the course of time. Please give our system a bit of time before the new names get transferred over to the Special Thanks wall. If you still cannot find your name after a month you backed us, please let us know via website’s Contact (http://under-the-dog.com/en/contact/).

Note: The above FAQs will be compiled and posted on our website.

IMPORTANT: Eventually, the name data for the Special Thanks wall will be transported to make the end credits of the Under the Dog OVA. So it is very important that you check your name on the wall now.

We hope to make you happy when you see your name.

Winners of the UTD poster giveaway contest!

Thank you all for entering the T-ONO poster giveaway contest.
We had more than 1200 entries! The messages and questions were delivered to the production team. We plan to answer some of the questions submitted during the contest.

Those are the two lucky winners:

Here’s a photo of Yong-san with the poster signed by Original Storywriter Jiro Ishii.


Another photo of Jimmie-san with the poster signed by Director Ando.

Thank you again, The-O Network Online!
If some of the backers attending Anime Expo see them there, say hi to Theo-san and his crew for us.

Till the next Update then!

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