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22nd April 2015


As we have announced during our panel and interviews at Sakura-Con,
Under the Dog official forum is now ready!

We’d like to start account registrations with the people who have OPERATIONS OFFICER tier and above. That’s why we’re calling it at this time, “soft launch” or “pre-opening”. As we have more than 12,000 backers in total, our website may crash if too many people try to access the server all at once. With OPERATIONS OFFICER and above, we still have over 300 individuals registering online simultaneously to access the Forum.

Here’s how you can access the Forum (if you are eligible):
When you go to our website, you will see “FORUM” is being added to the menu on the left at the bottom. Click on “FORUM” to go to the Log In page.
Or, you can go to the Forum page from the link below.


Important notes

  • The forum is for our backers only. (Essentially, you must have AGENT tier or above to access the Forum. All backers with AGENT tier and above will be able to access the Forum eventually.)
  • There won’t be a Forum in Japanese but you can use Japanese fonts. However, we ask our backers to communicate primarily in English for everyone’s sake.

Over the next couple of weeks or so, our aim is to scrutinize the forum system administration and fix as many technical glitches as possible before we can welcome everyone on board. We will make announcements over the next few Updates when we’re ready to have more backers at different tiers to register to access the Forum. So we ask for everyone’s patience. We are almost there!

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