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3rd June 2015

Forum Exclusive! Storyboards

Woo-hoo! We’re flying into Area 51!
Brace yourself for Close Encounters of the Third Kind!

Following last week’s Forum Exclusive interview with Director Ando, this week we present our 2nd Forum Exclusive, which is…(drum roll please)

Storyboards preview!

As we have promised in the past, we showed some action sequences from B-part of the storyboards at Sakura-Con. We promised that we would be showing the final versions with higher resolution. Eventually, we will add those storyboards in the more public area of our website. However, we wanted to share them with our backers on the Forum first.

Why is it called “B-part”? Normally, a 20-30 min. show is divided into two parts: A-part and B-part. In Under the Dog, B-part is more action heavy and that’s where Director Ando started to storyboard based on the finalized script. The reason for that is, the action scenes usually take up more time to animate because of the complexity involved. So it’s better to start animating the portion that will take more time. However, that is not to say that A-part where you see more of everyday life depiction is any easier.

There are different areas or genres that an individual animator can exert his/her talent the most. There are animators who are very good at brining realism into daily life motions or facial expressions, whereas some others specialize in superhuman body movements yet still looking realistically cool at the same time (as many of you have seen such movements in Sword of the Stranger and CANAAN). Also, there are some specialists in making animation movements “fun to watch”. Those are the animators who do really well in “animating”, not necessarily drawing accurately according to the reality, but literally breathing life into drawings. (What I’m trying to imply here is that there’s something about the animation that makes you feel amused when you see it.) Why would you want to see it in animation otherwise?

Anyway, try to keep in memory of what you see as glimpses of storyboards right now and later compare with the actual animation. Please note that some scenes may get deleted or changed later on as the production moves forward for different reasons. (The reason can vary from for the sake of better pacing or flow to switching to better solution/idea that has come up from the animator responsible for that scene, etc.) Consider it as the proof of anime production being alive. It’s in constant shifts and changes. It’s more fun to imagine now, how it will actually turn out to be, isn’t it?

Please also note we won’t be showing any more of the storyboards, simply because we don’t want to spoil your fun of seeing the actual OVA before the production is finished. (At Sakura-Con, a good number of you mentioned you didn’t want to see much of the B-part storyboards that we brought with us to our autograph session, saying you wanted to save the enjoyment for later.)

So if you absolutely don’t want to see any storyboards right now, it’s fine, of course. For those who are eager to see what’s latest now, visit our website and Forum!

You can go to the Forum page from the link below:


Please note:

  • You must have a backer status of AGENT tier or above to access the Forum.
  • This actually marks the first of our “monthly developer video diary” promised as one of the rewards.

Till the next Update then!

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