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13th May 2017

Final Update

This is it! This is our FINAL UPDATE.

We have a lot to cover, so please read until the very end!
– All key and in-between art and refunds sent!
– Downloads support ends 
– Contact info
– New projects with Exit Tunes 
– Final financial status
– Final comments from the UTD team
– Backers around the globe
– The Final Anthea-chan

– All key and in-between art and refunds sent!

We have completed sending of all key and in-between art in place of the cancelled Anthea figurine.

We have also completed sending the figurine refunds through PayPal.

Thank you again and again for all your patience, waiting for the art or refund to arrive.

We are pleased to announce that with the above completed, ALL UNDER THE DOG KICKSTARTER REWARDS have been fulfilled!

– Downloads support ends

As of May 13, 2017, with the completion of the rewards fulfillment, our digital downloads support will end. Please note we will no longer be able to comply requests for the digital downloads.

– Contact info

As of May 13, 2017, the team that was formed to bring Under the Dog Episode 0 will be disbanded. Kinema Citrus will be in charge of responding to requests and inquiries regarding re-shipments of damaged/lost physical rewards.

Please note:
– Our Contact will be consolidated to info@under-the-dog.com from now on.
– Please write “Ep0 Rewards inquiry: <your name>” in the header/subject line.
– As we have a limited number of staff and inventory, it will take sometime before we can reply/comply with your inquiries/requests.

Thank you for your understanding.

– New projects with Exit Tunes 

As it was announced in the previous Updates, our partner Exit Tunes will be handling Under the Dog project from now on.

Updates will be sent out to our backers whenever there is a further development regarding Under the Dog. So please stay tuned!!

We therefore ask the following again:
We do not allow any uploading, streaming or distribution of Under the Dog on the internet without securing prior permission from us, the copyright holders. We thank you and ask for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

= No illegal uploads!

– Final financial status

Here’s a rundown of our final accounting status.

final finance status

– Final comments from the UTD team

With the completion of the UTD Kickstarter project, we would like to share the following comments from the UTD team.


Everyone, it’s been quite a while. I’m Jiro Ishii, the original author of Under the Dog.

We are already into May of 2017. Cherry blossoms, the motif of the Flowers, have come and gone in Japan, with the sun rising up higher in the sky everyday.

Our Under the Dog project started back in August 2014. After three years since its Kickstarter launch, the project has finally approached its end.

I have said this a number of times before, but the story was written back in 1997. So it is such a miracle that after 20 years, it was finally turned into an OVA. We probably would not have been able to achieve this goal without everyone’s support and encouragement. So I say this from the bottom of my heart that I truly appreciate your dedication, thank you so much.

Anthea and others came into being in this world, because of your support. So we will all cherish those new born lives, and continue to spin the thread of her story.

Anthea and others might likely to come back again in front of you all. I would appreciate very much if you could support her again.

See you again.

May 12, 2017
Jiro Ishii
Under the Dog original author



Dear Backers who supported Under the Dog, I’m Morimoto and I helped produce Under the Dog.

This project was launched back in August 2014 on Kickstarter. Then the distribution of the Episode 0 came in August 2016, followed by the shipment of physical rewards in February 2017. At last, we are finally able to mark today as the final day of the project. I truly appreciate all of our backers who believed in us with much patience. I am forever grateful for all your warm support.

So this concludes the Under the Dog Kickstarter project. From now on, I will do my best so that Anthea and other characters can come back again on a new stage. So I hope to be able to see you all somewhere, sometime.

Koji Morimoto
Under the Dog Producer



Dear UTD backers,

We are pleased to inform you that as a Kickstarter project, Under the Dog has come to its completion. We have faced so many severe obstacles in the past and truly appreciate the fact that we were able to keep the promises we have made three years ago. It’s a great relief for us.

Our great team really did it!
I appreciate the following people for their dedication:
– Contra’s Mr. Yoshiro Kataoka for supporting difficult business situations
– ImageLogic’s Mr. Satoshi Onoda for his solid technological support
– Romy for managing our PR and community management
I thank you all for everything you have done.

And lastly, many thanks for giving us this opportunity to:
Mr. Edmond Courtroul from Mentat Studios
And last but not the least, nobody else but Kickstarter

We hope to see you again somewhere!

Muneki Ogasawara
Kinema Citrus CEO / Animation Producer

– Backers around the globe

UTD backers who supported us all along were literally from all corners of the world! You can see how many Kickstarter backers were from which countries and cities here:


– The Final Anthea-chan


Thank you for all your support & love! ― from UTD team

37 comments on Final Update

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  • lol13th June 2017 on 9:15

    Watching this shitstorm all over the place, glad to see it’s available to download FOR FREE just about everywhere hahaha

  • Roberto18th May 2017 on 10:34

    Writing from the Republic of Panama.

    Thank you. You completed all I wanted from this project. The OVA was great, and the production process updates gave me a lot of insight on how animation is made.

    I’ll be cheering you people from the great distance that divides us.

    A Panamananian.

  • night18th May 2017 on 6:06

    i tried everyway on earth to get in contact with UTD support team but no reply. didnt get any refund for the figure that was promised to get or anything. i think im not the only one who is asking for it at this point. you keep ignoring our mails and comment and we desperately are trying to get in-contact with you but you choose to not care about your supporters.

  • night18th May 2017 on 6:06

    i tried everyway on earth to get in contact with UTD support team but no reply. i still haven’t received any refund for the figure that was promised to get or anything. i think im not the only one who is asking for it at this point. you keep ignoring our mails and comment and we desperately are trying to get in-contact with you but you choose to not care about your supporters.

  • Conner Sweeney17th May 2017 on 9:06

    Ummmm. Soooo I still haven’t received my refund for the figure yet.

  • Jimmy Hu15th May 2017 on 8:32

    Thank you very much at everyone of the UTD team. It was a rough journey for sure, but a pleasure reading the regular updates and seeing Anthea-chan. We’ll be missing her and the rest of you!

    Best of luck in your future endeavors. Hopefully we will meet again soon!

  • Ania15th May 2017 on 6:22

    @XiaXueYi I wrote “I admit it is my fault for not reading all your emails in detail, but I can’t help feeling a little mislead by how this was handled by your team.”, that hardly qualifies as “putting blame on others”. That’s politely stating my opinion on how this was organised.

    Thank you so much for evidently not even reading my post and calling me “a little shit”, I feel so welcome in this community, so glad I supported this.

    You are horribly rude. I expressed my disappointment, because I am disappointed and won’t hide it, I have a right to express that politely just as any backer can comment on how the project was ran. I supported many projects on Kickstarter and never before experienced that kind of situation. I clearly admitted the fault is mine. Your name calling is just plain rude and out of place, you big shit.

  • Yu Hin Lam15th May 2017 on 2:28

    Is there anything wrong as I still have not received my figurine refund

  • XiaXueYi15th May 2017 on 0:03

    @Ania: that’s not how Kickstarter works you little shit. The onus is on YOU who put your money in to follow every single update.

    Don’t put the blame on others when it’s your own fault. They did their job. You had one job.

  • Kim Lambert14th May 2017 on 20:27


    “Updates will be sent out to backers about further development”

    I’m a Paypal backer and I never received updates by mail, I always had to check under-the-dog.com, so how possible future updates would work? Will Exit Tunes email all backers including Paypal, or will they use under-the-dog.com?

    I’m glad I backed this wonderful project with everyone and I want to stay tuned! 😀

  • Jordan14th May 2017 on 10:53

    Massive thank you to the UTD team for bringing such a wonderful piece of animation! Hope to see you all again in the future! Good luck!

  • Pensmith14th May 2017 on 10:32

    Hey there, thanks for completing the project and hope future projects come about!

  • Jason14th May 2017 on 10:28

    Was great to back this and watch it grow and evolve. Really enjoyed episode zero, just makes me wish we had a full series though!

    If we can’t have more anime – and even if we can- – then I’d love to see the story released as a light novel.

  • Matrix14th May 2017 on 2:51

    Ahh thanks for the VLC player tip. That worked. It’s just Windows Media Player that can’t do it (no surprise there!).

  • Ania14th May 2017 on 1:59

    Hello there, I’m stupid.
    I stopped reading your updated ages ago because there was just so many of them, always with “sorry we’re late, whatever” and I just simply didn’t care. I assumed I could just read the final one, download the film when it’s finished and that’s all.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind that it took so long at all, I thought I’d give you all the time you need and just watch the film when it’s all done and dusted.
    And only RIGHT NOW I realized I can’t download anything anymore, after going though way too many emails the info about “available only till 31March” got my attention.

    Really? Thanks for nothing then.
    I don’t mind you taking long, I’m happy to support animation, but if you knew download would only be available for limited time, that information about 31st of March should had been written in caps lock at the beginning of that update, along with something like “URGENT RESPONSE REQUIRED”, so I wouldn’t miss it.

    Now I backed you, and I have nothing, just a 100 emails from you I frankly considered spam (no offense, but I just wanted to watch the film, that’s it).

    I do wish you well with your project, I hope it’s great, but I can’t say I’m happy with how this turned out for me. I admit it is my fault for not reading all your emails in detail, but I can’t help feeling a little mislead by how this was handled by your team.

  • Ronn14th May 2017 on 1:09

    Please bring back the digital rewards! Much of the previous updates said they’d still be available until March 31! :(

  • Kosaka14th May 2017 on 0:57

    Matrix, with VLC media player, I had to select the Subtitle menu, select “Sub Track”, and select “Track 1 – [English]”. The menu also had “Track 2 – [German]” and “Track 3 – [Japanese]” choices. If you’re not using VLC media player, you might see if there’s a way to select a subtitle track.

  • Nehalem14th May 2017 on 0:56

    It has been a great pleasure getting to be part of this project. Thank you for all of your efforts over the years and best of luck with whatever you have next.

  • Matrix14th May 2017 on 0:05

    I guess I’m pretty late here but your message reminded me to finally go watch the film, only to realize my version has no English subtitles. Is it still possible to get a version with subtitles? Thanks!

  • Arasaka13th May 2017 on 23:14

    Will be on watch out for more greatness from the team and Exit Tunes.

    “We got flowers!”

  • Purachate13th May 2017 on 22:55

    Good luck and good bye

  • Scott D. Holland13th May 2017 on 22:39

    I still haven’t gotten my Athena Figure refund yet so I’m in in the process of sending you an email about that.

    However I am happy to see this project come to light, just wish I could get some help regarding the money I really quite need right now.

  • Thomas vera13th May 2017 on 21:41

    I am so glad I backed this project. It was amazing being able to vote on casting, get cool rewards, and see an anime produced from start to finish. Seeing my name in the credits was a cool bonus! Best of luck in all future endeavors!

  • Glen Proko13th May 2017 on 21:39

    Thank you again for completing this project. It is one of the few that I have backed on Kickstarter that was successful and kept their word. I appreciated the swift responses from the community team when I needed to ask questions and also over how quickly I received my promised tier rewards.

    I look forward to the future work to come with Under The Dog through Exit Tunes and will wait for those announcements to come.

  • Markus "Kelle"13th May 2017 on 21:24

    After LWA, this was the second kickstarter project where I went and I’m so glad I did it. After watching this project for more than 2 years, I have an almost ruthless yet satisfying feeling. I hope the project will continue.

    So you can no longer retrieve the digital content?

    Many greetings, Markus.

  • sHUGO13th May 2017 on 20:55

    Is there a light novel to read what the whole UTD would have been? The story looked so bad ass.

    Best of luck for future project!

  • Bigbenr13th May 2017 on 20:35

    Thank you UTD team, I wish you the best for your future projects. I hope we’ll see new UTD animation someday!

  • Branden13th May 2017 on 20:18

    Good luck.

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