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28th July 2016

Final Countdown

We have more than the last installment of our cast interviews — it’s a double feature this week!!

We have important announcements:

Sayonara, Anthea-chan!
Premiere showing in Tokyo!
How to download UTD episode
We will bring UTD to Otakon!

– Sayonara, Anthea-chan!


This is the last we see of our beloved Anthea-chan to whom we owe so much during the production of UTD. Ah, all the good memories we share…of creating the “Anthea-chan” short anime (a UTD spinoff?) as well as the Anthea-chan T-shirt.

Thank you so much for all your good work, Anthea-chan! (And the doggy and prairie dog!)

We also would like to show our appreciation for Taro-san, who drew so many cute (but sometimes miserable?) Anthea-chan. Every time your artwork surpassed what we (PR team) anticipated!!

Premiere showing in Tokyo!

A staff screening of “Under the Dog” just took place today (July 27) at Akiba Theater in Akihabara, Tokyo! We invited all the industry people who have supported us during the Kickstarter campaign as well as the press media and some of our backers* in and outside of Japan. We would like to show our gratitude for those who attended today’s event.

* UTD backers who supported us during the Kickstarter campaign as NOC tier and above were invited to this premiere showing in Tokyo.

After the end credits rolled, Ms. Haruka Takahashi (Sayuri) and Ms. Naomi Ohzora (Estella) as well as the production staff greeted our audience and talked about their passion and devotion for Under the Dog.

With the Tokyo premiere taking place, now we get ready for the episode downloads!! Are you ready?

– How to download UTD episode

Thanks for the long wait! So here it is:
Starting August 1, the Under the Dog OVA episode will be available for downloading!


  • The backers who are on RECRUIT tier and above are eligible (limited to Kickstarter and PayPal backers).
  • The episode is available for downloads August 1 – August 15.
  • On August 1, we will make an announcement on this website and Kickstarter, as well as other SNS media that the episode is ready!
  • Currently, we are aiming for the release to start at noontime GMT (Greenwich Mean Time = London time). However, it may shift due to technical issues, etc. So we ask for your patience.
  • The number of downloads one can make is limited up to 3.
  • The download file contains subtitles in English, German, and Japanese. You can select the language on your video player. (Refer to your video player setting to use the subtitling function.)

– Steps for downloading –

We basically have set up a special website for digital downloads.

The URL for downloading digital rewards is:

Access the above URL and enter your email address you’ve registered with us. You will receive an email containing a link that enables you to access the downloading page that is customized for each backer.

Currently, there is no item that can be downloaded by accessing this page. Starting August 1, however, items that become ready for downloads will be made available here.

<Important request from UTD>
The Under the Dog downloaded material is protected by the copyright laws. The downloads are intended for your personal use only, meaning it is for your personal enjoyment. We ask all our backers not to make uploads on illegal websites. If the UTD episode gets distributed illegally, it means the benefit and privilege the backers shared to support our project would be lost forever. Not to mention it will be damaging and hurting the motivation and pride of all our production staff, including the author and director, who have put all their energy and effort into making Under the Dog for the past two years. It will also make it difficult for any future anime projects that seek support from crowdfunding as a way to finance and realize their dreams. Therefore, we ask everyone who supported us to note that Under the Dog is an intellectual property – an important asset for all of us. Please keep collaborating with everyone in protecting Under the Dog.

– We will bring UTD to Otakon!

As we have mentioned previously in our Update, UTD production team will be attending Otakon 2016, held in Baltimore, USA. You may have already seen the Otakon guest roster, but here is the link to their guest page:

Also, we are excited to announce that the UTD team will be bringing the newly completed Under the Dog episode with them, so that they can enjoy watching it together with the Otakon attendees! The premiere showing is scheduled as follows.

Date and time: August 12 (Fri.) 2 pm – 3:30 pm
Panel room: Panel 2

This premiere is open for anyone attending Otakon (as long as there are seats). If you are attending Otakon and have interest and time, come and watch it together with the UTD guests!

The premiere is followed by a panel by the UTD guests. You’ll hear the guests talk about behind-the-scenes of the UTD anime production! It’s basically a Q&A session, so don’t miss this opportunity to ask something you wanted to know all along, or tell us your impression of the UTD episode you have just watched.

Without further ado, here are the three guests from the UTD production team who were invited to attend Otakon 2016, along with their messages:

Mr. Jiro Ishii (Author)
Under the Dog was revealed during Otakon 2014 as an “indies original anime project on Kickstarter”. After two years, the production has finally come to completion. We’ll be bringing the Under the Dog episode fresh out from the oven to celebrate the project’s achievement and share the premiere together with everyone at Otakon in Baltimore, where it was first announced!

Mr. Koji Morimoto (Producer)
Director Ando and all the staff/cast have put amazing effort in making the original animation video, Under the Dog. And it is finally here! The animation turned out to be truly incredible, so I’m looking forward to watching the episode together with everyone on a big screen with the full-blast audio.

Mr. Muneki Ogasawara (Producer / Kinema Citrus CEO)
I hope to bring and show to everyone at Otakon, Director Ando’s dedication and all staff’s passion in making the animation of Under the Dog. I truly look forward to the opportunity of meeting those who supported us and would like to express my gratitude and appreciation in person.

See you again on our next Update!
Can’t wait until August 1? We can’t either!


42 comments on Final Countdown

  • Ashuri7th August 2016 on 14:22

    My patience has pulled off, Thank you guys for your hard work- and happy August to me 8D, and all the team for Under the Dog

  • Romy (from the PR team)5th August 2016 on 12:59

    For those who were unable to download the UTD episode and now have already reached the download limit (3 times), please contact us by sending a message via CONTACT page on our website.


    Thank you,
    Romy (PR Staff)

  • Discoceris2nd August 2016 on 14:13

    For those that are having playback issues, you need to make sure that you:

    (a) Update your encodes pack (Whether you’re using K-Codecs, CCCP, etc., you will need to update them)

    (b) Update your video/graphics driver (for PCs/Macs) If you’re not upgrading your drivers, you should. That’s Maintenance 101 and you really should keep your machines updated.

    (c) Check subtitle settings. If your player is set to another language as the primary subtitle language, you need to change it to EN (NOT JP)

    (d) There might be some DRM scheme involved with the digital media. This may cause conflict, but unless there’s official word, we won’t know.

    For download issues:

    (a) If you’re using proxy, turn it off! Chances are, dozens of other people are logging in through the same IP address and are causing problems. If you’re behind a university proxy, you’re SOL. Have someone back at your home download it for you.

    (b) If you’re having problems through a non-proxy connection, then you have other issues to deal with, namely ISP issues, and ISP throttling (depending on where you live, who is your telecom and what hours you are trying to access the download)

  • Inkthinker2nd August 2016 on 13:22

    Downloaded, using VLC (2.2.4, latest version) and still, can’t see the subtitles in any language. It shows them as being there, they simply don’t appear to render. I don’t have this problem with other subtitled .mp4 files

  • Jason2nd August 2016 on 12:02

    I’m not sure that what I got was exactly what I was expecting two long years ago when I backed it but I really enjoyed it. Certainly would look forward to more… it’s going to be weird to no longer get all the regular update emails.

  • Ferious2nd August 2016 on 9:23

    Anyone struggling with the Subtitles google VLC download the VLC player an right click when video is playing. You should see the sub track which has the 3 subtitles. Windows media player and the one that comes with windows 10 will not work, as it wants an actual file.

  • Nathan Rad2nd August 2016 on 8:47

    FINALLY, excitement levels rising, will be watching this at work (depending on length)

  • John2nd August 2016 on 6:28

    Thank you for all the hard work! Loved the episode. I hope that more people become aware of this project and help fund it so that future episodes/film can be made and expand the story.

  • KennyLenny2nd August 2016 on 5:43

    For 2 years of work you could made a better animation.
    The animation in your 1st presentation video was 2x-times better then what you released after this whole two years….

  • Hiroshi2nd August 2016 on 5:31

    For those struggling to view the subs, I suggest using either VLC, or Media Player Classic (MPC). When the video is playing right click it, go to subtitles, select English track. It’s including in the video, not as a seperate .srt

    For the ones suffering from download issues, no idea. It’s a compressed file (.zip) so make sure you’ve got your antivirus/firewall disabled, as well as any adblock plugin or noscript plugin disabled before attempting to download it. If you had it enabled when you loaded the page up, I suggest disabling any of those plugins and reloading the page before clicking the button again. Also ensure Windows is not attempting to load the zip file in your browser, you should check the section (win10 users: Click start, go to settings, go to System, go to Default Apps, go to “Choose default action by file type” and then go to .zip in the list and check what you have associated with it. By default it’s usually explorer, or for others it may be 7zip (the ideal program for them)).

    As for the video itself…. meh. A little disappointed maybe…. When I signed up to kickstarter it was being advertised as something akin to Akira. High Quality Artwork was mentioned…. Try watching Akira and looking at the level of detail in every scene, and the lighting, everything that made it such an amazing movie. Then watch this….. Not at all what I was expecting. Simplistic designs, lack of detail, high quality lighting or even refractions of light. There’s one particular scene where one of the characters legs looks horribly distorted or even broken, something you hope to never see in a finished product. I guess I bought too much into the hyperbole and ended up with a standard anime with my expectations set too high. A detailed and polished movie or series anywhere near Akira looks to be out of reach once again.

    ps: For the last question about legal downloading of the video for non-backers if they’re willing to pay: Probably, but currently the early access is for backers, you’ll have to wait a bit more i’m afraid.

  • Daniel Hurt2nd August 2016 on 5:04

    I just tried downloading mine; can’t find the subtitles.
    Little Help?

  • Aaron Roberts2nd August 2016 on 3:23

    Hi there, the folder does not seem o have the subtitles in it, where can i get them?

    Many Thanks

  • NLHetfield2nd August 2016 on 1:41

    I already waste two of my three downloads because it’s fails. I’m using Google Chrome. Why this happens? I don’t want to waste my last try… =(

  • Pongsa2nd August 2016 on 0:48

    So from my test of the download VLC and itunes can play the subtitles whilst it seems that quicktime, windows media player and windows movies and tv cannot. Or at least this was the case on my system

  • E R,J2nd August 2016 on 0:15

    That was great!! if you guys were to open another kickstarter for the next episode, I will be backing it again!

  • Short Cake1st August 2016 on 22:35

    Contacted the PR team about my download not even starting (ends up opening a new tab)
    Unsure if anyone else is using Google Chrome and having the same issue.
    Am waiting for a reply at the moment.

  • Jeremy1st August 2016 on 22:19

    Pls help!
    About the subtitles, I can’t seem to find the .srt file in the downloaded folder.

  • McWhite31st July 2016 on 21:17

    It will be a miracle if this download doesn’t end up somewhere on the internet.
    It needs just the fuck up of one single person.
    A chain is only a strong as its weakest bond.
    I hope this chain has absolutely no weak bonds.

  • Juraj29th July 2016 on 22:27

    WOW! Perfect news! 😀

  • Arin Sparrow29th July 2016 on 17:09

    Will Under the Dog be availible through retail in the future? I can’t wait to see this pilot episode!!

  • Kevin Brown29th July 2016 on 16:45

    er MEH GERD! The fact it finished and has a showing, my wallet is ready for the next kickstarter episode!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    Is this still going to Netflix as rumored?
    Thank You so much for this experience. Looking forward to the audio/visual like Mr. Morimoto says. My ears are ACHING!

  • barthes829th July 2016 on 4:28

    YaY!Thank you for your hard work and thanks to all backers 😀 \O/ \o/ \O/ (Yes we made it!) ;_:
    Now I hope this will become popular and famous work (anime) or perhaps a new masterpiece) ;>
    And where are you, August 1? why can’t you come today or where was you yesterday ^^” xD

    PS I will miss Anthea-chan! ;_;

  • Glen Proko28th July 2016 on 22:53

    Outstanding! Thank you again for your hard work.

  • Eric28th July 2016 on 17:29

    Thank you for your great work… Looking to forward to watching it !

  • Nyon28th July 2016 on 10:23


    I’m so excited and I can’t wait August 1st to download. Thank you once again for all the hard work to make this possible.

  • Gilgamesh28th July 2016 on 10:17

    Damn I am so excited to hear that the movie is about to finally come out! Great job everyone!

  • pensmith28th July 2016 on 8:45

    I’m excited to see the project reaching the finish line! It was fun reading the commentary. I just wish I had more time to post responses, but know that you are loved.

    Can’t wait to see the final product!

  • J.P.28th July 2016 on 8:27

    Are there any chances we could see a recording of the Otakon panel? Thank you very much?

  • Chris P.28th July 2016 on 8:11

    Very excited about the movie!

    I backed at the Attendant level. When will the soundtrack be available to download?

  • Nimbus28th July 2016 on 6:59

    When will we hear feedback from today’s premiere?

  • scearls28th July 2016 on 6:08


    It’s almost here. Really looking forward to seeing UTD

  • Sandra28th July 2016 on 5:42

    Can’t wait to see you guys at Otakon!!!

  • Ronald28th July 2016 on 5:29

    Great news!!

    Haven’t read updates in a while. May I ask, what’s the actual/final length of the movie? Did it went past the 24 mins. original specs? :)

    Can’t wait! Massive thanks to all Under The Dog team!!

  • DangerMouse28th July 2016 on 5:02

    That’s great! It’s finally almost here!

    Thanks for all the hard work, can’t wait to watch! Having loved Ando and this staff’s work on prior shows, and the gorgeous couple of teaser videos and art we’ve seen so far with the Kickstarter, I’m really excited to see the results with the final animation, story, and sound.

    And to eventually get my physical rewards as well once those are ready too :)
    Can’t wait to see it!

    Hope it’s as good and well-received as we’ve all hoped it will be and that if so maybe it’ll get to continue with more episodes some day :)

    And yeah, it would be cool to see some pictures of the premiere.

  • Wendell28th July 2016 on 4:05

    Any pictures or video of the Toyko premiere that can be shared or found else where?

  • Chris28th July 2016 on 3:54

    Yay! Excited to see the results of your efforts! Do we have any estimate on shipping dates for BDs/DVDs?

  • Tayler Franklin28th July 2016 on 3:27

    In addition. I may have just read passed it, but when are the physical rewards, i.e. the Blu-ray/DVD, shipping out?

  • Tayler Franklin28th July 2016 on 3:25

    This is great to hear! Glad to finally have that official download date. I plan to watch it before the convention. I don’t know if I’ll watch it at the convention as well, but I definitely plan to be at the Q&A! I’ve wanted to meet Morimoto-san since I was little. And look forward to speaking with all of the staff for this project.

  • Alryo28th July 2016 on 3:23

    Thank you so much to all the staff of Under the Dog for all the work of these past 2 years. August 1st is almost here and I can’t wait to see the completed product. You can always count on my support if it gets greenlit for more episodes in the future.

  • brian28th July 2016 on 3:06

    It’s finally here! the long wait is almost over. i can’t wait!

  • Romy (from the PR team)28th July 2016 on 2:54

    Currently, there’s no downloading for non-backers, but you can buy a BD or DVD on our online store. You can still support us legally by purchasing rewards there!

    Romy (PR Staff)

  • Jonatan28th July 2016 on 2:45

    Is there going to be a legal way of downloading de video for non backers?
    I wasn’t able to back it at the time but I’m very excited for watching it and paying for it.

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