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7th December 2016


It’s our 100th Update! It is an honor to commemorate this milestone, with an introduction to our new partner – EXIT TUNES!

About a month ago in Oct. 29 Update, we have mentioned that Under the Dog project is welcoming a new partnership. It is our pleasure to announce officially today that Exit Tunes and Under the Dog team will be collaborating to go further beyond Kickstarter with Episode 0.

Exit Tunes, Inc. is one of the Pony Canyon group companies, a publisher of a wide range of music CDs and organizer of various music-related events in Japan. With their focus on anime, dance, and videogame music, as well as Vocaloids and singers, the company plays an important role as the frontrunner of the Japanese music scene. Some of our backers might already be familiar with their activities on SNS media.

As it is mentioned in the colophon of the UTD Artbook, Exit Tunes has already helped us tremendously by cooperating in the production of Kickstarter rewards.

Together as a team, we hope to launch a number of new projects. Some of them are already in planning and development. We will make announcements as soon as we are ready.

So please look forward to our exciting news.


2 comments on EXIT TUNES

  • Blankslatenator8th December 2016 on 13:58

    That’s fantastic news! Congratulations! Looking forward to more stuff, although I am a bit confused as to who exactly is involved as the Under the Dog team.

  • Kim Lambert8th December 2016 on 1:24

    That’s cool

    Looking forward to new projects, though like everyone else I’m hoping for more UTD episodes.

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