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2nd February 2017


Dear Backers,

We are pleased to announce that Right Stuf has already begun the rewards shipping process.

Please allow one month leeway period (until the end of February) for delivery.

What this means:

  • Wait one month before asking about the shipping status of your package, since the packages are not sent out all at once. All the inquiries regarding the shipment should be made to Right Stuf, our fulfillment company. We (UTD team) do not have all the details about the actual shipment and to reduce shipping costs, we do not use the tracking number.
  • We can no longer accept shipping address changes at this point. Please make necessary arrangements with the postal service in your country, if there are any changes. All undelivered packages will be sent back to Right Stuf, then eventually to Japan. The package can be resent to you ONLY if you cover the shipping and handling cost of $15 (payable via PayPal).

Anthea figurine refund procedure is also about to begin!

Backers with PayPal accounts will get notifications saying the refund from us is made to your account. Don’t worry, we take care of the transaction fee.

We will make more updates as more information becomes available!
So please stay tuned!!

4 comments on ETA

  • Kim Lambert22nd February 2017 on 1:45

    @Romy(PR Staff)

    I got a reply from Right Stuf, and like I thought they can’t help because the info they got said 1 blu-ray disk, even if I paid for one more as add-on. I’m still waiting for a reply from BackerKit.

  • Romy (from the PR team)21st February 2017 on 10:48

    @Charlotte Lee-san,
    @Kim Lambert-san,

    As we stated in our latest Update, Right Stuf is our fulfillment company who handles the actual shipment.

    Therefore, we ask you to inquire about this matter directly with Right Stuf:

    Thank you in advance for your understanding.

    Romy (PR Staff)

  • Kim Lambert21st February 2017 on 2:49

    @Charlotte Lee

    Mine was between 2 cardboards at the bottom of the box, it also should be listed on the invoice.

    @UTD Staff

    I’m missing my 2nd bluray disk, it was not on my RightStuf invoice but it’s still in my paid Add-On. Should I try to contact Right Stuf or UTD?


  • Charlotte Lee20th February 2017 on 22:24

    Hey guys, I didn’t receive my signed poster/score in my box. Any chance of it being resent to me?

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