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1st August 2016

Under the Dog episode is ready for downloading!!

43 comments on Under the Dog episode is ready for downloading!!

  • wikypoo22nd August 2016 on 14:55

    don’t listen to the garbage suggestions. it was perfect on its own.
    yeh 8)

  • wikypoo22nd August 2016 on 14:53

    wow. It was throwing curve balls all over the place and didn’t care about my feelings…. that’s what im talking about 😀
    amazing episode, I even replayed the whole thing.

    amazing work. :)

  • Aurion22nd August 2016 on 9:02

    The pandora monster was unexpected. I think i also would have prefered for the US soldiers to speak Japanese if you can’t get the military tone right in English (though the English itself was fine).

    Especially at the beginning, if characters weren’t up close you went quite lazy on the details. Not more lazy than other anime, but given that you had way more budget than you wanted for *one* episode (just not enough for more) i had expected more there. Again, just talking about when characters are in the background on not the focus of the scene.

    Everything was fine when they were.

    Overall it was nice, i’d definitively watch more.

  • Jared Zeller16th August 2016 on 9:45

    I just found out about this Anime venture, is there a way non-backers can watch it? if not what is the minimum too get the download?

  • Srin Aparrow10th August 2016 on 7:00

    This OVA was great! Overall plot, music, characters, and atmosphere were what we were expecting on a Tight Budget! Only thing unexpected was the Pandora monster… But please make more of Under the Dog! We want to dig even deeper into the characters and plot if a series or anything (manga, book, film!) are announced!

  • Stefano Orso9th August 2016 on 0:35

    Downloaded it, saw it, I’m pretty much satisfied of the final result.
    Thecnically done very well, Hana in an adorable character and Anthea-chan is so bad-ass, I’m looking forward to see she again, maybe with her Trike (but the eagle screaming-multiple rocket launcher-deploing capsule is a good substitute of it).

    Maybe the Pandora thing’s design has not convinced me so much.

    No problem with the subtitles anyway.

  • somepoorsap9th August 2016 on 0:10

    I really liked it, but I’m also disappointed that this is all we get after two years and $878,028. Hope to see this get picked up for a full series or film adaptation!

  • Ashuri7th August 2016 on 15:43

    I enjoyed it, there was a lot of action. Animation was defiantly on point. If this gets a full series id like some more drama and interaction with the characters though. (especial the girls- in a realistic wholesome way rarely seen in anime) Im getting a Claymore vibe to it (im not saying it’s a copy or anything) but a bunch of men experiment on a bunch of girls and give them super power, and commit other atrocious things for the sake of “humanity/justice/ whatever justification. Its definitely similar in that regard. If this get a full series I’d like to see Athena try to save a family or change that without any serious justification from the series why they are committing such actions.[and I mean the series, not the villains/Flowers/whoever] Id also like if they have more variety in powers except making the guns stop functioning in the future.

    Umm…where the little boy and mother killed to, yikes e.e

  • Ashuri7th August 2016 on 15:21

    So Much complaining at the top- Umm the men and women that worked on these animation have JOBS outside of this side project that is “under Dog” . It took two years because they have to do their regular jobs that make profit so they can actual put food on the table AND create this illustrious “side project” that is a full animation… So stop your ignorant anger —

  • Prismo7th August 2016 on 14:19

    As some had noted, it was cool to see the military speak english, although they didn’t have the right military tone. This was especially true when they asked for the IDs, and they said please and thank you. The real military in such a situation would be yelling to ensure cooperation, and probably would tell them to get on the ground and put there hands on their heads before frisking them. The US military knows what is trained to get results as fast as possible. So it was very strange to see them be so polite and carefree in some parts! But i thought the episode was great, animation was fantastic, and there were many cool ideas implemented. Sound design was good too. Over all it was worth recommending! Definitely look up some US training drills though so you can get the right feel for the US military in combat! I hope they are that polite the rest of the time 😉

  • Torro3rd August 2016 on 15:33

    Gonna ask Yura to post the cancelled footage from the previous version.
    I would like to compare this with the previos version.

  • Mike3rd August 2016 on 15:25

    @Torro, they f$!ed up half of the budget during the first production, when they were working with Creative Intelegence Arts.
    Both of them had different visions and that’s why they couldn’t work togather, in the end they stoped working togather and Kinema Citrus rebooted it and changed everything, so the half of the budget was spend on the 1st version of UTD where Anthea looked different than she looks here.
    The whole pv videos with good animation and action scenes were from the previous version of UTD that was skratched…

  • Torro3rd August 2016 on 15:16

    @Kim Lambert, For 2 years they made only a one episode, for 1 episode that takes 2 years, there’s a lot of time to do with your life what you want and in same time do your work, that’s my point.
    You’re saying that the prologue is about the world of UTD, but all I saw was a group of teenagers and american forces in the japanese school with some akira style creatures, when they announced the project, they showed a footage of Anthea, so it’s already enough reason to think that she’s the protagonist of this series, and that’s what made many of us to pledged money to kickstarter.
    As of episode 0, I understand what that does means, a prologue episode that should explain the story and introduce the characters and their personalities.
    It’s would been more interesting if it was about Anthea and the organization that she’s working for.
    Anime production takes about 6-months to make a 12-24 episode series, this was just a 1 episode…..

  • j3rd August 2016 on 10:26

    Yay! Pretty good start, although the English voice acting is really lacking. The Eng voice acting doesn’t feel military, even though the lines themselves are pretty good.

  • PJ Letersky3rd August 2016 on 10:08

    Congrats to the team! Can’t wait for more…and count me in for support! 2 years, and it was DEFINATELY worth the wait! Great Job!!!

  • Kim Lambert3rd August 2016 on 5:20

    Yeah 870000 + 30000 = 900000 so what? Did I say otherwise?

    And how much of that do you think remains after the fees and the production of all the physical reward?

    And do you think they worked on the episode none-stop for 2 years? They have life and other job you know.

    And the purpose of episode 0 was not to focus on Anthea but to show us the world of UTD and the cruel life of the flowers.

    You have the right to post your opinion but to use words like ”garbage” is something only kids would do.

    So go ahead and be rude with your reply, I have better to do and I won’t answer.

  • Torro3rd August 2016 on 4:56

    @Kim Lambert, you’re the only stupid person here, my friend.
    They got $870.000 on kickstarter and $30,000 on paypal, so doesn’t that mean 900,000? The LastMan kickstarter only asks for 350,000 euro for a 12-episode animated series, Little Witch Academia 2 was made with a less budget than UTD(and the effort was better and worthy).
    Also, before kissing their asses and acting like a 13 years old retard, you should not forget the fact that it was in development for 2 years.
    Even with a small team, the time was enough to do a perfect animation….
    Sure, if you fine with it, I don’t have a problem with that, but I paid for this project and have full right to post my opinion.

  • IZEROII3rd August 2016 on 4:56

    Great pilot episode. Hope we can get a series.

  • Kim Lambert3rd August 2016 on 4:35


    wow… Your comment was so stupid

    First they didn’t even have 900K for the production, they had to pay Kickstarter, Paypal, lot of fees, plus a lot of the budget was to produce all the physical reward.

    The anime quality is far above average, especially for a small team!

    And don’t blame them if you’re one of the very few people who didn’t understand the concept of an episode 0…
    The script was perfect.

  • Kim Lambert3rd August 2016 on 4:20

    Most of us really enjoyed everything about the episode.

    Don’t worry about the minority who know nothing about quality or does not understand the meaning of episode 0.

    You did a great job and we’re ready for the next KickStarter anytime!

  • Glen Proko3rd August 2016 on 1:00

    Just tell us where you want the money thrown and I will be there to continue the Under the Dog story. 120min movie or 6, 13 or 24 episode series; it doesn’t matter, I want to see more and the taste of what has been shown is teasingly good.

    For coming through on this project despite the hiccup of needing to do a project reboot to adapt for what funding you did receive, what was provided was more than satisfactory as an Episode 0 piece and a teaser of a greater story yet to be told. Yes there are things to poke at and say quality could be better, but I went into my watching experience expecting something like Blood the Last Vampire original pilot (short, to the point, leaving a lot of story hanging for the future work) and having the Canaan style edge to it made it very enjoyable for me.

    And thank you for not censoring it. 😀

  • sahua d2nd August 2016 on 21:39

    I like the plot and the dynamics of the episode. But animation can be better, sorry… much much better. And there was too much of an English speaking: partly it sounds like a stupid US-dubbing in old anime days…

    But overall I like it :) Glad to be your backer!

  • Borat2nd August 2016 on 19:23

    LASTMAN – The animated TV series asks for a half of the budget that you did, for a 12-episode series with 24-minutes each episode xD

  • Torro2nd August 2016 on 19:03

    For a 900k budget anime episode, it’s pretty garbage.
    Little Witch Academia 2 was a more successful kickstarter project than this.
    Considering the fact that UTD was about 2-years in development and the effort look’s something like it was made in 1-month.
    I’m so dissapointed…..
    Here’s the minus list
    You should focused on Anthea’s character, cause she’s the protagonist of UTD
    You should sticked with the previous vision and design, instead of rebooting it
    The animation should been better like it was in the first PV video
    This would be more interesting if it was an psychological thriller with mixed action
    The 90% of the characters make no sense
    The prologue story makes no sense, you should have started with the main story and character

  • William Koboc2nd August 2016 on 14:18

    I’ve seen* =P

  • William Koboc2nd August 2016 on 14:16

    Excellent work on episode 0! One of the best anime I’ve in a while. Please make some more XD

  • dan2nd August 2016 on 12:09

    will you guys make more i’m hooked ?

  • Kim Lambert2nd August 2016 on 11:14

    This was simply PERFECT!
    Beautiful Art and Design, great Story and Drama, great Action and Violence plus a tiny bit of Nudity was exactly my taste!

    THANKS for your hard work! Glad to be a backer.

    PLEASE make other KICKSTARTER for more episodes!

    All of us will back it again and the episode 0 will bring even more people to know UTD!

  • kingwolf2nd August 2016 on 9:43

    just download and install the CCCP codec pack or if you want to be really lazy get VLC. but CCCP is the best option for quality.

  • widgeroni2nd August 2016 on 6:16

    The episode was amazing! I’m already clamoring for more. The story, setting, characters, voice acting, animation, everything really, was what I’d expect from a top tier anime, but this was done with the support of fans! Good job! I hope there is more to come.

  • Peggy2nd August 2016 on 5:57

    Oh and MPV works very well with the subtitles.

  • Peggy2nd August 2016 on 5:56

    You guys should use MPV player, it’s the best video player out there, when it comes to full HD videos.

  • Jessica2nd August 2016 on 4:38

    I’m so excited to finally watch utd but I can’t seem to get the subtitles to work… I’m using windows media player and selected the english subs but it still won’t work. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

  • Michael2nd August 2016 on 3:17

    Couldn’t find the subtitles with windows media player or the standard video player for Win10, yet I found myself satisfied with the product and surprised at how much of the tale was conveyed through the episode despite understanding little of the script.

  • anime univers2nd August 2016 on 2:45

    congratulation it was amazing work plz continue this fabulous work i want to see more of under the dog

  • anime univers2nd August 2016 on 2:44

    congratulation it was amazing work plz continue this fabulous work i want to see more of under the dogs

  • Travis Bishop2nd August 2016 on 1:53

    Amazing ! So satisfying ! So distinct and a lot of surprises ! Excellent work I knew you guys could and would do it.

    Bravo I already cant wait for the next

    Anime needs this SO badly

    Make it happen ! :)

  • Sides2nd August 2016 on 1:42

    Congrats guys!
    Just finished watching episode 0, and have to say it was brilliant.

  • Chris2nd August 2016 on 1:32

    Congratulations guys, absolutely awesome animation and story! I want to know more after finishing… sooo when can we fund the rest of this series? 😉

  • Hackwolfin2nd August 2016 on 1:13

    Just finished it! It was really great, the animation was amazing!!
    I hope to see more in the future c:

  • Dantempla2nd August 2016 on 0:19

    So when can we expect episode 1 and where can I help funding it? I want to be part when you save anime.

  • Cortez1st August 2016 on 23:57

    Done downloading!! Will watch tonight!!

    PS: When I open in WMP I can’t get it to find the subtitle tracks. But if I open in VLC they work just fine :). Was scared for a moment haha! So if anyone has a problem finding tracks it might just be your media player.


  • barthes81st August 2016 on 22:55

    YaY! \O/
    Time to watch it 😉
    and once again thank you!

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