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18th June 2017

End of Support

Dear All,

Please be informed that the support for Under the Dog rewards shipment and figurine refunds will come to an end on June 30. (The only exception would be the digital rewards.) Up until now, Kinema Citrus provided support after the announcement was made that the Under the Dog Kickstarter project came to completion.

As of June 16, 2017, we have responded to all the inquiries we have received via emails (info@under-the-dog.com).

We believe we can claim to have fulfilled our responsibility of delivering the rewards to our Backers. Since the Survey deadline (May 31, 2016), we have corresponded and provided information as Updates via Kickstarter for over the course of a year, following Kickstarter’s principles of creativity and clarity. Please refer to the Kickstarter website for more details:


Unfortunately, there are some Backers we could not send the rewards to or make contacts for reasons such as issues involving shipping addresses or contact information that were either incomplete or not updated, while some did not reply to our Survey. If you are one of these Backers, please contact us (info@under-the-dog.com) as soon as possible before June 30.

Starting July, we will begin the process of liquidation and closure of Under the Dog, LLC (our entity in the United States). However, please note that all intellectual properties and assets of Under the Dog will be transferred over to Kinema Citrus. After the closure, we will work with Exit Tunes for further endeavors. Therefore, we would like to ask and thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Muneki Ogasawara
Kinema Citrus President

1 comment on End of Support

  • Tan Pei Fang22nd June 2017 on 1:14

    Hi, I made a $45 dollar pledge back when the it was on kickstarter and I totally forget about it till now.
    Is it still possible for me to get my digital download copy?

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