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30th November 2016

Digital Rewards Downloading (Part 2)

After Thanksgiving comes the Winter Holiday Season.

The production of the physical rewards is in progress, almost ready to be shipped to our backers! When the rewards are ready to be shipped, we will make a big announcement of it, of course. (Scheduled around December 26–New Year)

This week’s Update is focusing on the rewards:
– Part 2 of Digital Downloads available now!
– PV Sound Effects fixed!
– T-shirt sizes
– Figurine canceled

– Part 2 of Digital Downloads available now!

Thanks again for the wait!
Starting November 30, the remaining Under the Dog digital rewards (Part 2) are available for downloading! 

Newly available digital rewards (as of Nov. 30):
Cover Art
Music Score


  • The backers who are on WALK-IN tier and above are eligible (limited to Kickstarter and PayPal backers).
  • The downloadable items differ depending on the tier you have.
  • The digital rewards are available for downloads November 30, 2016 – March 31, 2017.
  • We will send out a notification email regarding digital rewards downloading.

– Steps for downloading –
We basically have set up a special website for digital downloads.

The URL for downloading digital rewards is:

Access the above URL and enter your email address you’ve registered with us. You will receive an email containing a link that enables you to access the downloading page that is customized for each backer.

<Important request from UTD>
The Under the Dog downloaded material is protected by the copyright laws. The downloads are intended for your personal use only, meaning it is for your personal enjoyment. We ask all our backers not to make uploads on illegal websites. If the UTD episode gets distributed illegally, it means the benefit and privilege the backers shared to support our project would be lost forever. Not to mention it will be damaging and hurting the motivation and pride of all our production staff, including the author and director, who have put all their energy and effort into making Under the Dog for the past two years. It will also make it difficult for any future anime projects that seek support from crowdfunding as a way to finance and realize their dreams. Therefore, we ask everyone who supported us to note that Under the Dog is an intellectual property – an important asset for all of us. Please keep collaborating with everyone in protecting Under the Dog.

– PV Sound Effects fixed!

We were informed by our backers who downloaded the PV (the Kickstarter campaign version) among the digital rewards that became available on October 31, that the sound effects are missing.

When we looked into the cause of the issue, we found out that when we converted the source materials to 5.1-channel surround sound, the track for sound effects was somehow omitted. We have already fixed the problem, and the file complete with the SE’s is uploaded on the special downloading site on Nov. 4. If you have downloaded the PV before Nov. 4, please download the PV again. We apologize for the trouble.

– T-shirt sizes

Our original plan was to produce and ship the UTD reward T-shirt in/from Japan, as it was the case with Anthea-chan T-shirt. For that reason, we asked our eligible backers to answer the T-shirt question in Japanese size on the Survey. However, due to the production logistics of the other physical rewards, the reward T-shirt will now be produced and shipped in/from the United States. So please be informed that the T-shirts you will receive will be in American sizes.

Japanese sizes are normally one size smaller than American sizes. Please see the chart below for your reference on what American size you will receive.
(For example, if you wear size M in the US, that would be size L in Japan.)

Japanese sizes

American sizes












And at last, here’s the UTD reward T-shirt design:


– Figurine

Ever since the start of the Under the Dog Kickstarter project, figure production has been the most difficult and we have tried our best to realize it for the past two years. Therefore, it is our greatest regret to announce that we are unable to produce the Anthea figurine as originally promised on Kickstarter.

For those who are on OPERATIONS OFFICER ($500 tier) and above, or have ordered the figure as add-on or pre-order on our online store, we are offering one of the following options:

Option 1
In place of the figurine, we can offer a COPY of key animation and a RAW in-between used in Under the Dog Episode 0!

Option 2
Refund of $200 made to your PayPal account.

We will email those eligible backers with more details on how to proceed on selecting an option, as well as how to let us know of your preferences.

See you again on our next Update!

15 comments on Digital Rewards Downloading (Part 2)

  • Jazion Keera1st February 2017 on 19:07

    Hm, have yet to receive an email about the refund too. Hope that you guys can get to that soon, or update us as to the status of the next round of rewards.

  • Dan17th January 2017 on 8:59

    I still have not received an e-mail, and I’m growing concerned about the remaining rewards?

    Have they been shipped yet? Would they just be stuck in transit?

    Thank you for your efforts. Although it’s disappointing to see the figurine cancelled, I’m sure you did all you could. Thank you.

  • Brandon Galindo25th December 2016 on 15:44

    Hello, I haven’t been able to get any e-mail about the 2nd part of the digital rewards even though it says it should arrive in my inbox in a few minutes. How do I fix this problem?

  • Ferious15th December 2016 on 19:31

    Has anyone got an email about the figure refund? Im loosing faith in them real quick as the normal 1-2 day response time has become a 4-5 day response and support team still has yet to reply to me.

  • Hamazura Shiage2nd December 2016 on 15:32

    This news is a bummer, though the way I see it the money I gave is gone. As in it was put to great use, and I don’t see a reason why I should be refunded for money that helped MAKE an anime. I’ll gladly take option 1, it’ll be a nice reminder of why I’ve been a long time fan of anime.

  • Nathan rad2nd December 2016 on 10:30

    Do we just send an email to the support email, or is there a form?
    Not sure how to go about responding to the email about the figurine >_<!

  • Bigbenr2nd December 2016 on 7:49

    I’m sad about the figurine, but it is understandable. The money I gave was mainly to support the production of the anime, so I don’t need any refund. I’ll go for the key frame and in-between without hesitation! And we can choose our own scenes so that’s great.
    Regarding the 2nd pack of digital rewards, the storyboards are awesome! It is fun to compare it with the actual animation. The artbook is pretty nice too, especially the character design sheets. Those are always cool!

  • Ferious1st December 2016 on 19:53

    id like the refund as well.when do emails go out? i have yet to get one

  • Shaun Huseman1st December 2016 on 14:11

    When will we be having the email sent to us. I want to get the 200 dollar refund.

  • Jay Higgs1st December 2016 on 5:29

    I choose option 1.Hopefully we can choose what key animation to get.

  • Kim Lambert1st December 2016 on 2:49

    To replace the figure,
    how about a life-size standee of Anthea?
    Cardboard standees are easy to produce and a life-size of Anthea would looks totally badass in the backers’ room.

    If possible, you could make a survey, I’m sure most backers would like the idea :)

  • Glen Proko1st December 2016 on 2:30

    I am disappointed that the figurine needed to be cancelled, but the reasoning behind it is very sound along with the offered compensation. Thank you for the update.

  • Kim Lambert1st December 2016 on 1:31

    I’m sooooo disappointed!

    I’m trying to stay positive because I loved the episode and since you got a new partnership UTD may have a bright futur, and maybe eventually some figurines and other cool stuff.

    But I can’t help it, I’m still disappointed…

    I’d like to know why it was cancelled after all this time? I wouldn’t mind paying a higher price for it.

  • Hirocchi1st December 2016 on 1:11

    ‘Tis a damn shame that the figurine had to be cancelled…But I’m sure you guys weren’t slacking on this, so what’s done is done…

    Would you mind elaborating on option 1? I’m unfamiliar with the terms “Key Animation” and “RAW in-between” you guys are mentioning above…

  • Gabirel Scocozza1st December 2016 on 0:34

    In the name of all backers:


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