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31st October 2016

Digital Rewards Downloading (Part 1)

Thanks for the long wait! So here it is:
Starting October 31, the Under the Dog digital rewards (Part 1) are available for downloading!

Digital rewards (as of Oct. 31):
Main Movie Commentary
Sound Track


  • The backers who are on AGENT tier and above are eligible (limited to Kickstarter and PayPal backers).
  • The downloadable items differ depending on the tier you have.
  • The digital rewards are available for downloads October 31 – March 31, 2017.
  • The commentary file contains subtitles in English. You can select to show the subtitles on your video player. (Refer to your video player setting to use the subtitling function.)
  • There are rewards that are not yet ready for downloading. You will soon be able to download them as they become available.
  • We will send out a notification email regarding digital rewards downloading.

– Steps for downloading –
Basically, we have set up a special website for digital downloads.

The URL for downloading digital rewards is:

Access the above URL and enter your email address you’ve registered with us. You will receive an email containing a link that enables you to access the downloading page customized for each backer.

<Important request from UTD>
The Under the Dog downloaded material is protected by the copyright laws. The downloads are intended for your personal use only, meaning it is for your personal enjoyment. We ask all our backers not to make uploads on illegal websites. If the UTD episode gets distributed illegally, it means the benefit and privilege the backers shared to support our project would be lost forever. Not to mention it will be damaging and hurting the motivation and pride of all our production staff, including the author and director, who have put all their energy and effort into making Under the Dog for the past two years. It will also make it difficult for any future anime projects that seek support from crowdfunding as a way to finance and realize their dreams. Therefore, we ask everyone who supported us to note that Under the Dog is an intellectual property – an important asset for all of us. Please keep collaborating with everyone in protecting Under the Dog.

We hope you further enjoy the world of Under the Dog!

All UTD Staff

9 comments on Digital Rewards Downloading (Part 1)

  • Bob14th November 2016 on 7:41

    Thanks Romy (and UTD). :)

  • Romy (from the PR team)5th November 2016 on 10:47


    Thanks for your post. We have noted the issue and already replaced the PV with the sound effects for downloads. Sorry for the trouble but if you download the file again, it should be fine this time.

    Romy (PR staff)

  • Bob3rd November 2016 on 4:44

    The PV audio is incomplete, like it’s missing a channel or mastering track. Watch the download then compare it to the original pitch video on Kickstarter. It’s easily noticed when Anthea is jumping down the tower, shooting at people on the platform below; there are no gunshots.

    The file seems to have 6 channels of audio and one of them is blank.

    View post on imgur.com

  • axemtitanium1st November 2016 on 10:14

    Hi UTD,

    I tried downloading the commentary track but for some reason, the download keeps erroring out before it finishes. I can’t tell if it’s because a lot of backers are all trying to download at the same time or if there’s some other problem. Any assistance would be appreciated!


  • Travis Bishop1st November 2016 on 7:37

    the commentary file says “corrupt”

    it wont open up

    its fully downloaded and j-zip nor win-rar can extract it ?

  • Dantempla1st November 2016 on 2:40

    Do we get a 24bit/96kHz version of the soundtrack as well? Or at least a FLAC version?

  • Bigbenr31st October 2016 on 23:14

    Thanks, it’s like it’s Christmas already! Nice to hear the opinions of the animation crew and the few details. As for the soundtrack, it seems pretty epic!

  • Romy (from the PR team)31st October 2016 on 21:59


    Episode 0 downloading was available back in August.
    What’s available for downloading now is staff commentary.

    If you haven’t downloaded Episode 0 yet, please contact us via CONTACT page and we’ll reactivate your downloading counts.

    Romy (PR Staff)

  • Gabriella Creighton31st October 2016 on 21:48

    Thanks! One problem, despite you guys saying the Main Movie is available. I logged in to find the download for it expired 2 months ago???

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