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26th August 2015

Character Designs

How was this summer?
As we got ourselves busy getting ready for the big date (September 7), we’ve had quite a number of dog days in Japan…almost too many!

For this month’s developer video diary, we will show some of the latest Character Designs!

As you already know, Mr. Yusuke Kozaki is the character designer for Under the Dog. In Japanese, the official title for Mr. Kozaki is called “キャラクター原案” or “original character designer” in English. Wait, why does it say “original”? The word “original” in this case refers to as being the source material for animation character designs used in the actual production. In fact, 原案 in Japanese means “original plan” or “draft”. In other words, animation character designs are based on original character designs.

So let’s spell out what the differences are between “original character designs” and “animation character designs” (the latter is sometimes just referred to as “character designs” in the credits).

Original character designs – the purpose is to provide an overall image of what the characters look like. So the designs can be quite rough. In case of an anime based on a manga title, the drawings by the manga artist function as original character designs. Often times, artists who are not animators (e.g., illustrators, manga artists) are credited as original character designers.

Animation character designs – the purpose is to provide detailed and concrete image of what the characters look like. Animators reference “character sheets (キャラ表)” containing these designs when they animate. Often times, one of the animation directors assumes this role for being the specialist on retaining consistency/coherence of the character appearances in the animation.


Having all that in mind, can you guess who the animation character designer is for UTD? (A hint is in this Update somewhere.)


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Till the next Update then!

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