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11th September 2015

Cast Vote

Hope you enjoyed our new trailer!

Did you notice there are new promotional posters now available?
You can download from here:
As you can see, there are two versions, black and red – English and Japanese versions respectively.

Today’s Update is to inform you how we go about the casting of voice actors for Under the Dog. There have been talks about the voice actor names being mentioned in our new trailer with a question whether a backer voting would take place or not. The answer is: Yes, voting will certainly take place.

Here’s the gist of the voice casting for Under the Dog:

  • Three of the main characters – the voice actors decided by the production staff to ensure the creative integrity and quality of UTD.
  • Two of the main characters (Sayuri and Estella) – the voice actors decided by the votes from eligible UTD backers.

Without further ado, we introduce our voice cast for the leading characters here in our Update. We are truly proud to welcome such great voice talents on board!


Ms. Asami Seto (Anthea Kallenberg)

Voice roles:
Chihaya Ayase in “Chihayafuru”
Lan in “Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne”
Nanami Shiranui in “Norn9”, etc.


Ms. Rumi Okubo (Hana Togetsu)

Voice roles:
Yuzuko Nonohara in “Yuyushiki”
Tamako Arai in “Barakamon”
Chinatsu Yoshikawa in “YuruYuri”, etc.



– How?
A polling station will be set up in our web Forum (only accessible to eligible backers).
Eligible backers will receive at a later date, an email invitation to the online polling with instructions on how to vote.

– When?
By December at the latest.

Note: You must be on SENIOR OPERATIVE tier or above to participate in the voting.

– WHY?

Voice cast poll should never be confused as a popularity poll – that was the consensus and major concern among Mr. Masahiro Ando (Director), Mr. Koji Morimoto (Producer), and Mr. Muneki Ogasawara (Kinema citrus CEO). To keep both the promise with our backers and to retain creative integrity of UTD, the best approach we’ve come up with ultimately was for the creators to select three of the main characters and for the backers to select the remaining two.

You may have become anxious about casting your vote on Under the Dog since you saw the new trailer. Don’t worry, we are not forgetting our promise during Kickstarter campaign: our backers on SENIOR OPERATIVE tier or above will be able to “participate in selecting the Voice-Over actors for the main characters by voting from a predetermined list.”

As it is stated in the STAFF & CAST, we are currently making appropriate coordination to make the backer voting happen. This entails negotiations with voice talent agencies and our IT staff writing codes to set up a polling station on the Forum with a voting/tallying function. Not to mention other things we are working on, such as sending out a survey from BackerKit. So we ask for your patience.

We will notify those with the selecting rights when the voting is ready.


See you next time!

12 comments on Cast Vote

  • whatever21st October 2015 on 19:33

    Hey,bro.All I can say is that you don’t know about seto san.She can act many different type of characeters.I think she is very suitable.@Atomsk

  • NegCore21st September 2015 on 6:10


    Jesus christ, thank you.

  • Atomsk14th September 2015 on 2:03

    I do not like the choice for Athena. No offense to Seto-san I just always envisioned Athena with a more like Nana Mizuki (Symphogear) or Haruka Tomatsu (Valvrave). Some one that can sound timid and mostly harmless then at a drop of a hat can slice you to ribbons without a second thought. As for Sayuri and Estella I think the natural choice would be Yōko Maki and Suzuka Ohgo (Michiko & Hatchin). However I think it would be an excellent time to reach out to the other races living in Japan on this project, as in actually cast an latin actress for Estella and Scandinavian for Athena. To offten have there been border line offensive characters that have portrayed the foreign and naturalized citizens of Japan. As a person that lived his formative years in Japan I still don’t understand why this is, at least for the latin and Caucasian races. I am sure even the Japanese audience is tired of the horrible fake accents in anime. I mean just look at Detective Conan. Under the Dog could be the first to start the trend of using Japanese speaking foreigners.

  • Discoceris13th September 2015 on 5:54


    I’m not sure how much Japanese media you’ve consumed, but the two VAs listed here are not “fresh seiyuus”, but talented individuals who deserve some recognition. In fact, judging by the comments thus far, none of you actually read the post.

    This is NOT a popularity contest. The director chose the VAs that most closely aligned with the vision they have for the characters. It’s fine that you guys want to discuss your “dream team” VAs, but I find such discussion amateurish and fanboyish, without merit and substance. Unless you fully understand the characters the directors are trying to convey, then you have nothing to base your opinions on.

  • Arasaka12th September 2015 on 13:21

    Special Agent checking in, and I must say that I’m very much looking forward to upcoming vote. :)

  • Gabriel X12th September 2015 on 3:36

    I liked Asami Seto as Lan in “Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne”

  • CagedAlchemist12th September 2015 on 1:28

    Maaya Sakamoto is the seiyuu who voices Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai and Major Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell. Both series I really love! I’d love to see this happen!

    But yeah they do have to think about a budget. It is a community back project…

  • Erik M.12th September 2015 on 1:22

    I agree! I hope Miyuki Sawashiro is up there! Definitely one of my favorite seiyuu too!

  • Raymond11th September 2015 on 23:39

    Was expecting Maaya Sakamoto(Lightning’s seiyuu) or Sawashiro Miyuki( Sinon’s seiyuu) as choices but guess budget was part of the things they’re cutting for selecting new fresh seiyuus instead of veteran seiyuus. :/

  • Mc_Sten11th September 2015 on 21:27

    Totally agree with DoNotMindMe, Miyuki Sawashiro is my favourite voice actress.

  • MKVarana11th September 2015 on 20:53

    Very much hoping Yui Horie is an option!

  • DoNotMindMe11th September 2015 on 19:27

    I know the team know her from previous projects but just to be ssave:
    Make sure to put Ms. Miyuki Sawashiro in that poll! 😉


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