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28th April 2016

Behind Schedule

Here’s the lineup of this week’s big Update:

– New PV
– Release Date is August 1
– See You at Otakon!

Our New PV

We have posted a new promotional video at the top of our website. Take a look at the latest finished shots! As you can see there, our production is very much moving forward.

 Release Date is August 1

The downloading of the UTD episode will become available on AUGUST 1.

Originally, we were aiming to release the episode by the end of May. However, Kinema Citrus has indicated that a bit more time is needed to create an episode that all our backers hope to see in Under the Dog.

It is understandable that this announcement will disappoint some of our backers who were eagerly waiting to see the episode come out this spring. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

The production is getting really close to the finish. So we ask everyone to keep supporting us.

Note: We are still making coordination for shipment of the rewards. Please give us a bit more time, as we will announce the shipping date as soon as it is determined.

See You at Otakon!

We’re pleased to announce that we are currently in talks with Otakon for our attendance this summer.

Back in 2014, the introduction and campaigning for Under the Dog started during Otakon. Later, the project came to be as a successful Kickstarter project. So we feel much honored and obliged to return to its birthplace and present what we were able to achieve and create through the support of our backers.

We’ll make announcements as more details become available in our Updates!

See you again on our next Update!

10 comments on Behind Schedule

  • blankslatenator8th May 2016 on 21:28

    The trailer is incredible! It harks back to what it promised,that great fusion of 3d into 2d; Cyberpunk Oedo, Cowboy Bebop, Darker than Black, Naturally Canaan,is Okamura Tensai in this somewhere :P?

  • Short Cake30th April 2016 on 21:14

    The initial date would have been great I guess.
    I’m sure staff don’t feel so good about this, but nevertheless the news had to be broken.

    While I wholly support the production and staff involved, can’t say I’m not slightly sour over the recent delay haha.
    (Pretty much means I can’t fly over to attend the Premiere at all)

    With everything is said and done, I do hope this to be the success that we all want it to be, and as a stepping stone to pave the way to future endeavors for independently-produced animations.

  • Jared Fite30th April 2016 on 2:28

    My birthday is August 1st, so it’ll be a nice gift to receive that day 😉 Can’t wait to watch the final product!

  • shawn zylla29th April 2016 on 2:37

    as the saying goes, ‘you cant rush art’, this is especially applicable to anime as its art in motion, so it can take time to get it rite. take what time you need, i can be vary patient.

  • Robert29th April 2016 on 1:29

    Not sure how creating one mere episode can take so incredibly long, but the extra wait wont make a difference. Just make sure its good, when it gets released!! 😉

  • James Blair28th April 2016 on 19:53

    Just take your time guys, when it’s good and done is a fine time to share it with us. I’m not not so impatient that I can’t wait a month or two to see this :)

  • Liiraye28th April 2016 on 18:14

    Oh well, I guess I can’t get to japan for the premiere then because I have to stay at home during July/August. My sister is terribly sick so I’m extra needed at work the whole summer. What a crap year this has been…

    I was really looking forward to meet the staff and some friends there.

  • Gregory Mack28th April 2016 on 15:07

    Unfortunate that original looking action anime has to go through such hurdles. I hope the wait doesn’t make fans hold Under the Dog to unreasonable standards.

  • Irven Kyle28th April 2016 on 14:58

    It’s fine, as long as it’s going through. But damn, I wish I funds to donate for this.

  • Ryan Benjamin28th April 2016 on 14:42

    We understand. You can’t rush perfection.

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