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10th February 2016

Anthea-chan T-shirt on Sale Now!

Would you like some tee?
What we mean by that is Anthea-chan T-shirt, of course!

Here’s our line up of Update this week:
– Anthea-chan T-shirt on sale now!
– Column by Mr. Jiro Ishii


Some of you voiced you wanted Anthea-chan T-shirt.
So we bring it out to you at last!

Here are the details:

  • Limited edition of 100 prints
  • $40/each (including $15 worldwide shipping fee)
  • Size variation: S/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL (4L)
  • Available on BackerKit online store (Just click on STORE on the menu to get there)

IMPORTANT! Due to how BackerKit system works, you must follow this rule:

Your order must be a single purchase of Anthea-chan T-shirt. In other words, you should add just one Anthea-chan T-shirt in your shopping cart and nothing else. If you order more than one Anthea-chan T-shirt or some other item(s) put together in a single purchase, we will cancel all the other product(s) and just leave one Anthea-chan T-shirt. If you would like to buy items other than Anthea-chan T-shirt, you will need to start another shopping session that is separate from the Anthea-chan T-shirt purchase.

Other notes:
– Anyone can buy an Anthea-chan T-shirt. You don’t have to have a tier.
– We stop accepting orders a) when the number reaches 100, or b) when the month of February ends on Feb. 29 — whichever comes first.
– This Anthea-chan T-shirt is different from the UTD reward T-shirt. (The design for the UTD reward T-shirt is not yet determined, but will become available later.)
– Anthea-chan T-shirt will be shipped in May, before all the other physical rewards and pre-orders are shipped.
– We will take note of how many each size will be ordered to gauge the demand for larger sizes. We might take into consideration and apply the results to the UTD reward T-shirt sizes as well as shipping methods.

Sizing chart (in cm = centimeters):



We have a second installment of Mr. Jiro Ishii’s column.

To read Mr. Ishii’s column, visit the Forum page from the link below:

Note: You must have a backer status of AGENT tier or above to access the Forum.

He talks about Director Ando’s storyboards! What’s his first impression when he saw the UTD storyboards for the first time?

See you again on our next Update!

6 comments on Anthea-chan T-shirt on Sale Now!

  • Romy (from the PR team)13th February 2016 on 0:14

    Thank you for your encouraging words! I’ve relayed your comment to our producers. It really keeps us going. :)

    Thank you! You may find something from Anthea-chan in a few days, BTW. 😉

  • Romy (from the PR team)13th February 2016 on 0:07

    Here are our answers to your questions:

    Yes, you should leave the surveys separate. PLEASE DO NOT COLLAPSE THEM TOGETHER.

    BackerKit says August, because all the other pre-orders will be shipped in August. However, as we mentioned, Anthea-chan T-shirt will be shipped in May.

    Basically, Anthea-chan T-shirt sale is an irregular activity in the eyes of the BackerKit system. BackerKit is set up and calibrated for just one-time shipment of backer rewards, add-ons or pre-orders, because that’s what most of the Kickstarter projects do. So that’s the reason why you find somethings funny or not matching with what we said. Unfortunately, we cannot fix them from our side, simply because that’s how BackerKit works.

    In short, we are using the BackerKit system where we shouldn’t really be. (BackerKit is of course helping us to do what we want to do. So don’t worry. We’re not abusing their system.)

    However, we’ve decided to use the system for the reasons stated in our Update. Hope this makes sense. Most of the (funny) things can be answered as “That’s due to how the BackerKit system works”, but if you have any other questions, or find something that doesn’t make sense, please let us know.

    Romy (PR Staff)

  • barthes812th February 2016 on 5:40

    Nice T-shirt :>
    btw Anthea-chan rules! 😀

  • AniMatsuri11th February 2016 on 7:22

    Why does BackerKit say the delivery is in August if the planned time according to this update is May?

  • AdvanceRatio11th February 2016 on 1:02

    Of course I had to order that shirt… Can’t wait to wear it all over AX!

    Also, of all the Kickstarters I’ve backed, this has been one of the best for updates and sending along information! Thanks so much for that.

  • kittymck11th February 2016 on 0:06

    After ordering the t-shirt Backerkit shows that there are “multiple surveys for this project”. Am I correct in assuming it ok to leave the surveys as they are (separate) and not to collapse them together?

    Many thanks

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