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23rd September 2015

Animation Director

Hope you liked our teaser posters!

We’ll start our biweekly Update with a Q&A regarding the promotional posters, since we received an email from one of our backers telling us that the print shops probably would not print them without an authorizing letter:

Q: Is there a written permission to print the posters professionally?

A: Yes. We’re now working on a written permission to print out UTD promotional posters. When it is ready, the permission PDF will be uploaded on our website. We hope our backers can print out the posters without any problem.

So thank you, Arasaka-san for letting us know! We truly appreciated your input.


In our Update on August 26, we had a little quiz:

Can you guess who the animation character designer is for UTD?

Did you guess the answer to be Mr. Masahiro Sato?

The hint was: Often times, one of the animation directors assumes this role [= character designer] for being the specialist on retaining consistency/coherence of the character appearances in the animation.

Sato-san is indeed credited as the character designer and animation director in the Staff & Cast page on our website. We already explained what a character designer does before, but what is his role as an animation director?

So in this Update, we’ll show you a glimpse of what Sato-san does!

The term “animation director” in Japanese would be sakuga kantoku (作画監督) or sakkan (作監) for short. Sakuga literally translates as “creating images” and kantoku means “director/supervisor”.



You see that Sato-san is drawing on a yellow sheet of paper. In anime production, colored papers are used to indicate that corrections were made by the animation director. He’s making a correction on genga (key animation) before it is sent out for doga (in-betweens).

In short, an animation director works as the director’s right hand: undertaking the responsibilities for all aspects of animation production such as keeping coherence and consistency of the drawings, giving instructions on how the characters should “act”, and how each shot should look like on a screen, etc.

#63 Anthea-chan comment_E2

Till the next Update then!

3 comments on Animation Director

  • shawn z28th September 2015 on 9:26

    i love this behind the scenes stuff. seeing how the gears work in an industry i love is sweet.

  • Nathaniel26th September 2015 on 19:42

    Yes, behind the scenes of how the industry works is one of the best parts about this. Its like our own personal tour guide how our favorite series are brought to life!

  • JJ Parks24th September 2015 on 7:08

    Thanks so much for posting these. :) Behind the scenes on anime are the greatest and I really look forward to printing the posters. Hopefully the local professionals will accept the permission slip!

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