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7th September 2015

A New Trailer!


  • Check out our new trailer!
  • Under the Dog official website renewal is complete! Starting today, all the latest information about Under the Dog will be available here on our website.



Well, the summer is officially over, but our new trailer is here.

As you can see, the production is now under way and starting to materialize. What you have seen before on Kickstarter is a pilot film, showcasing what we want to make. What you are seeing now on this website is a trailer, a glimpse of what we are making.

Here are some notes from our producer, Mr. Koji Morimoto, on the new trailer:

– During the course of the animation production, we have decided to change some of the settings for the characters and backdrops seen in our first pilot film. These alterations were necessary to create the end product that fits more closely to the original ideas presented by Mr. Ishii. So we thank you for your understanding.

– Due to our post-Kickstarter delays early on, the target date for completion of animation production has shifted to the spring of 2016. We sincerely apologize for the delay and ask for your patience.



Along with the new trailer, did you notice that our UTD website is also renewed?

Here are the changes and updates we’ve made:

NEWS: You will find important announcements and latest info here. For those who supported us on Kickstarter, you will still receive “Project Update” notification emails from Kickstarter. However, you will have to visit our website to find out the details of the news. Our biweekly schedule remains the same.

ABOUT: This section answers your question, “What is the basic premise of Under the Dog?”

STORY: This section answers your question, “What is the basic storyline of this particular episode in the making?”

CHARACTERS: Characters are introduced including their designs.

REWARDS: You can check the progress of our rewards production and delivery.

STAFF & CAST: We have added our first set of voice cast. (Find the answer to the quiz in our last Update, “Can you guess who the animation character designer is for UTD?”)

MEDIA: You can download UTD poster images here. More fun and insightful materials are coming.

STORE: We will have some announcements about upgrades and figurine very soon!

FAQ: You can read the frequently asked questions we’ve compiled. So before asking us, please read FAQ section first.

FORUM: You can discuss with other fellow backers or ask us questions. We also have some forum exclusive contents here as well. (Note: you must have AGENT tier or above to access the Forum.)

SUPPORTED BY: If you supported us with $5 or more, you can find your name on the Special Thanks wall!

CONTACT: You can send in inquiries or let us know any issues you would like to address.

Please take your time to check out our renovated website inside out. Let us also hear what you thought about the new trailer, since your words of encouragement are the real driving force for the entire UTD production team!

See you next time!

1 comment on A New Trailer!

  • Sebastian M9th September 2015 on 14:13

    The website looks great!
    The trailer is pretty spot on for my hype. I’m glad I backed this project for sure. I also like how you showed the frame by frame movements in the characters. Really shows how much work you guys are putting in this. Definitely love it.

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