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1st January 2016

A Happy New Year!

Dear UTD backers,

What you see in this lovely Anthea-chan illustration is a new year event of mochi-tsuki (mocha pounding) ceremony. Mochi (Japanese rice cake) is made by pounding cooked mochi rice into paste. Mochi can be eaten by various ways as it is depicted in the picture. Many of Anthea-chan’s doggy friends are enjoying the mochi that Anthea-chan just made for them. For New Year Day, ozoni is a traditional dish and oshiruko is delicious as warm dessert as you eat with sweetened azuki red-bean soup. You can also eat wrapped with nori (dried seaweed sheets) and soy sauce. Ymmm…

Why eat mochi on New Year’s Day? Since soft mochi can be very sticky and extends really long when you eat, it is believed that you can enjoy longevity through eating something that extends a lot. Be careful not to choke on it though! If it gets stuck in your throat, use a vacuum cleaner to suck it out! Seriously.

Anyway, tell us what’s your favorite thing to do on a New Year’s Day!

We now present New Year resolution from the PR team:

“As UTD will be completed in 2016, it is the Year of Dog for me! (The truth is, however, it’s the Year of Monkey in Chinese Zodiac.) I’m a UTD backer myself, so I’m really looking forward to sharing all the fun and excitement with everyone!” — by Romy (PR Staff)

“Our new year resolution for 2016 is to finish the Under the Dog animation production and to ship all the rewards in order to bring this project to a successful end. There is still a lot to do, but we’ll make progress one by one. So I thank you for your continued support.”– by Koji Morimoto (Producer)

“We are entering the busiest time of the animation production. UTD is not something easy to make, however, I’d like to enjoy the throes of creation together with Director Ando and the creative staff. Please keep supporting us!”– by Muneki Ogasawara (Producer)

We truly hope Year 2016 will be a fabulous year for all our backers.
Thank you for your continued support for Under the Dog!
We could not be here without you.

Sincerely yours,

Under the Dog Production & PR Staff

5 comments on A Happy New Year!

  • Thomas Vera3rd January 2016 on 14:45

    Happy New Year to all the UTD creators and backers! May the New Year bring blessing and good fortune to all!

  • Alex2nd January 2016 on 3:21

    Happy new year to everyone who gave this project life and to those that are making it real!!

  • Larry Woodworth2nd January 2016 on 3:04

    Happy New Year, everyone!

    May 2016 bring you health and success in whatever you do.

  • Yong Lee2nd January 2016 on 1:46

    Happy New Year. Looking forward more update about UTD this year.

  • Tayler Franklin2nd January 2016 on 1:14

    Happy New Year to all of you working so hard on the UTD production. I wait with bated breath for it to be complete and hope this year is wonderful for all of you involved!

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