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14th April 2017

#106 Illegal uploading

Dear UTD Backers,

We have a very important request to make:
Illegal uploading of our anime contents has become a major issue for not only us, but with our partner EXIT TUNES who will now be taking over the Under the Dog project.

Our creators dedicated themselves into making this work. So unless our intellectual property and its copyrights are treated with respect and properly dealt with, we cannot hope for the slightest of possibility of making the sequels for Under the Dog.

Therefore, we do not allow any uploading, streaming or distribution of Under the Dog on the internet without securing prior permission from us, the copyright holders.

We thank you and ask for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

The reproduced key frames have arrived! Now, both Mr. Ishii (storywriter) and Mr. Ando (director) are busy making autographs on them.

We expect to finish shipping them all by this weekend. So we ask for everyone’s patience just a bit more!

As for the PayPal refund issue, it is not yet resolved for the following reasons:

– In order to prevent money laundering and illegal use of accounts, PayPal uses computerized automatic account management system. This means that it is not possible to loosen the security for our single account, and PayPal staff do not know either how the system works (such as amount of money or number of transfers) when it decides to lock an account.

– And for that same reason, PayPal does not know how or when the unlocking of an account occurs.

We have already submitted our proof of identification that was requested by PayPal, as well as explained our usage and plan/schedule of how to use our account. However, they have noted it’s all controlled by their computer system, so they do not have a solution.

We will keep working hard to resolve the situation and report our progress to our backers.

5 comments on #106 Illegal uploading

  • Glen Proko24th April 2017 on 22:44

    I commented about this on the #106 UTD Kickstarter Update, but I feel that I should be as thorough as possible: what is the best method of contact for getting permission for uploading, streaming or distribution of Under the Dog from you, the copyright holders? Does email contact still suffice or will EXIT TUNES need to be contacted as well? And this would also extend to an anime club for example seeking permission for a limited public screening: would the same email contact also be sufficient?

    Thank you again for your work on this project. I want to see Under The Dog supported as much as possible so it can continue from just a pilot episode to being a full series.

  • Kim Lambert21st April 2017 on 17:58

    Finally got all my rewards and refund :)

  • ronriii15th April 2017 on 8:18

    Couldn’t you guys just do the refunding process through Backerkit since that’s how most people paid for their items/goods? I’ve seen a lot of Kickstarters go through that route and it’s a lot less trouble than having to deal with Paypal’s automated system since it’s a direct refund. You should seriously consider it if Paypal is becoming too much of an inconvenience.

  • Kim Lambert15th April 2017 on 2:13

    The UTD episode was illegally uploaded day 1. I’m really sad and mad that one (or more) of our fellow backers betrayed us. I wish I could punch them in the face.
    I was so proud to take part of this awesome project and now I feel shame because of a few idiots.

    I love the episode so much and like many others I want it to have a future.

    This Kickstarter sure had unforeseen challenges, it happen often when doing project for the first time.
    But I hope the team does not regret their experience and consider it successful.

    I want to give my thanks to everyone who worked hard on this project.
    Thank You!
    Thank you for giving us an awesome episode!
    Thank you for giving us a chance to take part in this!

    I preordered the UTD Guidebook and will support future project for sure!

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