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Q: How and where can I contact to make inquiries?
A: As of May 13, 2017, the team that was formed to bring Under the Dog Episode 0 will be disbanded. Kinema Citrus will be in charge of responding to requests and inquiries regarding re-shipments of damaged/lost physical rewards.

Please note:
– Our Contact will be consolidated to info@under-the-dog.com from now on.
– Please write “Ep0 Rewards inquiry: ” in the header/subject line.
– As we have a limited number of staff and inventory, it will take sometime before we can reply/comply with your inquiries/requests.

Thank you for your understanding.

Q: Why is the reward T-shirt I received is one size smaller than what I answered on my Survey?
A: Our original plan was to produce and ship the UTD reward T-shirt in/from Japan, as it was the case with Anthea-chan T-shirt. For that reason, we asked our eligible backers to answer the T-shirt question in Japanese size on the Survey. However, due to the production logistics of the other physical rewards, the reward T-shirt will now be produced and shipped in/from the United States. So please be informed that the T-shirts you will receive will be in American sizes.

Japanese sizes are normally one size smaller than American sizes.
So for example, if you answered size M (Japanese size) in your Survey, you would receive size S (US size) in your shipped package.

We apologize for the inconveniences, and thank you for your understanding.

Q: I've just learned about Under the Dog. How and where can I download Episode 0? Can I still support the project?
A: UPDATE: Our online STORE was closed on October 3, 2016.

Yes, you can still support us by purchasing UTD products on our online store. Just click on this website's "STORE" from the menu column on the left-side. It'll take you the BackerKit pre-order site. You can pre-order a "Disc Media (DVD or Blu-ray)" of Episode 0.

Downloading of Episode 0 is available for Kickstarter and PayPal backers only. They supported us to bring UTD to life in the first place, so they get to see the Episode before anyone else. Thank you for your understanding.

Q: When will I receive the rewards? (digital/physical)
A: To see the schedule for downloading or shipping of the digital or physical rewards, click on this website's "REWARDS" from the menu column on the left-side. It will take you to a chart that shows when things will be shipped or available for downloading. Of course, we will make announcements in our Updates, when the rewards become ready.

Q: Would digital downloads of the OVA or soundtrack be available on the UTD web's online STORE?
A: No. We currently don't have any plan to sell the UTD episode or soundtrack as digital downloads.

Q: How can I change my email/mailing address?
A: On BackerKit, you can change your backer info such as your shipping address. For your email address change on BackerKit, please contact us via CONTACT page. (As for Forum, you should be able to change your email address without having to send us a request.)

Q: Will there be a sequel?
A: At this point, no. When the Kickstarter campaign ended, it did not reach its stretch goals. After one year of PayPal fund raising, we still haven't reached the 2nd goal of $1.16 million to make a sequel. So all the extra funding (including PayPal) went into making UTD's body content with higher production value. Rest assured, we are not wasting any of the contributions from our backers!

Q: When is the Survey lockdown date? Or the deadline for add-ons and pre-orders (including Anthea figurine)?
A: The Survey deadline was May 31. Everything will be locked down on June 1. You won’t be able to change your add-ons on BackerKit after that. However, you can still pre-order Anthea figurines, etc. (Please note: there will be $15 shipping fee.)

Also, you can still change your shipping address if it’s before we make the shipment. So if you move before we ship, please change your address by accessing your BackerKit account. There’s no need for you to contact us to notify your address change.

Q: Where is my name? I can’t find my name on the Special Thanks wall.
A: The names listed on the wall are not in alphabetical order but starting from the top tier. If you cannot find your name, try searching with “Find” function (Ctrl + F or Command ⌘ + F).

If you still cannot find your name, it can be due to one of these reasons:

- First of all, you must have a backer status of WALK-IN tier or above for your name to be listed on the wall.

- Second, what’s listed is the name you have answered as your preferred name on the credits in the BackerKit survey. Your preferred name must be within 20 characters (including spaces). If your name is longer than 20 characters, your name won't show up.

Note: The name data for the Special Thanks wall was already transported to make the end credits of the Under the Dog OVA.

Q: When do we see the image of Anthea figurine or other rewards?
A: Our plan is to show Anthea figurine's 3D model by the end of August. (Anthea figurine is available as a pre-order.)

As for other rewards, we will show the images as they become available. So thank you for your patience.

Q: Can I make payments via PayPal?
A: Sorry but no. You will need to make payments with your credit card as BackerKit doesn't accept PayPal as a payment processor.

Note: PayPal fund raising (tier sales) ended on Nov. 30, 2015. We thank all of you who supported UTD project via PayPal after the Kickstarter campaign ended. You can still support us by purchasing UTD products on our STORE page!

Q: Can I upgrade my tier?
A: Not anymore. Upgrading is no longer possible as the survey already closed.

Q: Can I change my name on the Special Thanks wall?
A: Not anymore. Name change is no longer possible as the survey already closed.

Q: When was the Survey sent? I never received/answered it.
A: The survey was sent to Kickstarter backers on Nov. 30 and PayPal backers on Dec. 15 via BackerKit. The survey closing date was May 31.

However, if you haven't received or answered your survey yet, we suggest that you go to the BackerKit website and try entering your email address you have registered with Kickstarter/PayPal: https://under-the-dog.backerkit.com/sign_in
You should still be able to answer the survey (because your survey is not answered, it is not yet locked down). So answer the survey now, if you haven’t!

Q: Can I change my username on the Forum?
A: Due to how the system is set up, your Forum account username cannot be changed. However, you can change your name being displayed in Forum threads by editing your name on your profile page.

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