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Hana Togetsu
Flowers No.06

A typical 17-year-old high school student in Japan, she loves her family dearly. She is the lead character of the episode. Her parents and her younger brother were taken hostage after she became a member of the Flowers. She has embarked on a secret mission while posing as a transfer student at a public school on Enoshima Island.

Anthea Kallenberg
Flowers No.03

A 17-year-old Scandinavian girl. She is the protagonist of Under the Dog. As a member of the Flowers, she is an expert in the methods of infiltration and assassination. Due to her exceptional combat skills, she is widely known and feared among military organizations worldwide.

Flowers No.08

A 17-year-old Japanese girl and highly intelligent. She has been a member of the Flowers since her early teens. Her expertise is in intelligence gathering, and she often teams up with Estella.

Flowers No.02

A 17-year-old Hispanic girl. Estella joined the Flowers at the age of 8, much earlier than any of the other members. She is an excellent sniper and often teams up with Sayuri.

Junichi Amagata

A 32-year-old teacher at the international school where the seven the Flowers study. He is a NATO veteran who is currently a colonel of the UN forces and has taken command of the Flowers assassination unit. He once saved Anthea from a slave trade organization while he was on a secret mission in Scandinavia.

Shunichi Nanase

A 16-year-old student at a public school on Enoshima Island. Shunichi is quiet and withdrawn in class, and yet Hana appears to have taken a special interest in him.

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